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    read online that it could be the router firmware itself doing it, might have to get a different router still not sure

  2. #12 this is a free trial proxy that will let you log if you want to try it

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    Quote Originally Posted by team_96 View Post
    and once i do the trace route, how do i fix it?
    tbh , there's nothing much you can do, except you can narrow down who to contact about the issue. If you find the error occurs before reaching NTT game servers, then you know it's an issue with your internet service or the underlings to it. You could then contact your ISP about the issue and see what they say...
    if you find the issues happens at the NTT game servers then you can ask them if they have a specific block on your ip address (they do block some ip address I believe, ones they know are used by hackers etc).

    A quick workaround to the issue is to use a VPN and play / connect to KO under that until the issues gets fixed...

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    If you use IPv4 try to put this in as DNS: et or

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    I finally found the topic majgac.....when I spoke with Warner a few days ago......I mentioned to her that when an error like you were getting was related to the fact that your game in the area you were playing from......was based on NTTGames server and may have been having some issues.....they did however after I spoke with Warner they announced that they were having server issues, and did an emergency maintenance this pass Monday Dec 9th/2019.......As for these other players experiencing the same issue....All I can say is that I have been with my same provider for over 15 years, and never had any issues with it blocking this game by the use of their firewall....Yes it has happened a few times, when I had the same issue, but usually gets corrected the following maintenance.....a 10061 error if you ever get one, means they are having a maintenance and your unable to logged onto their server at this time.
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    thank you teni

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