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    How To Choose A Great Vacuum For Outdoor use

    When you buy the right vacuum, the job of cleaning up leaves in your garden will become less tedious. There will be no more stress when you need to take care of it.

    But what is the best vacuum cleaner for your garden?

    To start with, you can take these factors into account.

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    As we have mentioned many times before, choosing which type of garden vacuum you want is the most important one.

    While leaf blowers can help you move leaves and other types of debris around, they can’t suck them up due to the lack of the vacuum function.

    A typical garden vacuum from Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews , on the other hand, can pick them up for you while not able to blow them away. The best machines often combine those two abilities together. But at the end of the day, the decision is totally upon you, which depends on personal needs.


    The power of a garden vacuum determines how effectively it sucks leaves up or blow them away.

    Remember, a stronger suction power doesn't always mean better performance. When possible, find vacuums that provide you the ability to adjust the output power. This will be handy when you need to control leaves in your garden.

    Power Supply

    Garden vacuums often have two kinds of power sources: electricity (plug-in or battery), and petrol.

    Small garden owners will love electrical models because of the convenience they bring. But if you love the maneuverability of a cordless vacuum and the strong power of a corded model, consider a petrol vacuum.

    Although the price is usually higher, and you may need to fill fuel regularly, they are the best at what they do.

    But we do not recommend this type of garden vacuum for all situations. They are only suitable for heavy-duty tasks, especially when you have a huge garden with a lot of leaves to handle.


    This only applies to batter models.

    Be sure to check if the battery life is enough for you before buying it. Some garden vacuums can only last 10 minutes, and you need to recharge it again. They are going to be a disappointment if your garden is huge and you need to clean up a lot of leaves.

    Cleanup Site

    Of course, you can't overlook the garden and the number of leaves that you need to clean. If your garden is small or does not have many trees, an average leaf collector is probably enough to handle the job.

    On the other hand, if it covers a huge area, you may need a vacuum with a larger capacity and power, or even a petrol vacuum or leaf blower.

    Collection Bag

    The size of this bag depends on the area the vacuum needs to clean. If you only go out and pick up leaves occasionally, a vacuum with a small bag is sufficient.

    But if the amount of leaves is big, buying a model with a bigger collection bag is a must.

    If you want to save money and decide to pick a small vacuum for your garden, the amount of times you have to empty the leave bag may add up quickly, even becoming frustrating.


    These suggestions are important but not the only ones to consider. On top of that, you also need to think about other details, such as warranty and durability. Together, they help pick The Best Vacuum Cleaners , which can make a huge difference when it comes to cleaning up the leaves in your garden.

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