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    November Forum Event Submissions

    Hail Knights,

    You may submit your works for the November forum event in this thread.
    You can find details of forum event HERE.

    Note to Turkish Players: Please submit your story to TR Community Thread - Forum Event

    Thank you!
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    Once upon the time, there is el moradia named Julia. She is a professional archery and she hunts animal with the talent she had.
    One day when she hunting for animal to eat, she accidentally shoots wrong target. It is a Karus! She feel so sorry about that and the Karus man has a bad injury. So she bring the Karus man to the Priest Helena. The Helena priest giving the Karus man a 720hp potion and the man is recovered 100%. Julia very apologize about her mistake and gift the Karus man an Iron Bow +5. Karus man was so thankful as he just only has a Short Bow that obtained from worm.

    Karus man admired Julia so much because Julia is professional in hunting and found so many good items while hunting. And the Karus man wants to bring Julia to meet his parents, Taurek and Pury. Taurek and Pury very like Julia although Julia is not an Orc. Taurek said to Julia, "If you accept the love of Karus man, I will give you Blessed Upgrade Scroll for free". Julia don't like the Karus man, she just treat Karus man as friend only but after thinking twice, that she wants to upgrade her Iron Bow to +7 , so she accept the request. Then the Karus man and Julia is married. The next day, Julia go to the Anvil and attempt to upgrade her bow. She put the scroll and the Iron Bow to the anvil and he asks the sorcerer to begin the upgrade. She was so surprise that the anvil glowing with yellowish bright color! And the sorcerer said "Congratulations, you're very lucky". Julia very excited now because her bow is +7 now.

    Julia is not happy with the Karus man, She thinks that she just made Iron Bow +7. So she plan to leave the Karus man without he notice. The Karus man and his parent is so angry. They ask all orc to participate in the finding of Julia. Taurek commencing for War against El Morad as Taurek very angry that time. The War is begin and the Orc wins the war. They are invading El Morad land, and starts to find Julia. They kill everything in El Morad including the El Morad citizens. They are very cruel. Julia can't no longer hide, everyone is dying because of her. And at last she surrender and telling the truth that she not love Karus man. Karus man was so upset and asking "is that because of my green skin and ugly face?" , Julia said "NO". Karus man ask again "But why?" Julia replies "Because.... becauseeee..... Nation transfer on PUS is so expensive!, so I choose to marry El Moradia". The End

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    "Vengeance of Love"

    One day, I went pk with random friends with the human race and I used a job warrior. I used a number of items that I had owned for a number of years and certainly didn't fit into the state of war. When my friends and I walked to the bowl, my priest friend also saw an orc party came to visit us and started the battle. In the battle I saw 1 orc with the initials name 'G' which allows me to kill him and I immediately killed him. When he gets rezz, he always struggles for revenge by hitting me. He also always died and was getting rezz by his db priest. My party also felt that he was not professional in PK because he did not follow the direction of their party leader. As a result, we won the battle in the bowl.

    When the next day I left for war in the lunar war. I also had difficulty getting a party because I was late entering the arena. When I was picking up the red pot on the lunar war log maps, I saw an orc who had a grudge against me and he walked alone with initial name 'G'. I ran away because he was using valkrye armor, pathos package, wings of battle and maybe using a buff scroll. When I ran away, my internet suddenly stopped a.k.a Lagg and I saw damage from him when I was going to dc. Fortunately, when I log back in, my char is not dead but only 100 HP left. I think the orc with the initials 'G' is getting annoyed with me because he always tries to kill me in all arenas. After the lunar war was completed and elmorad (human) won the war, I returned to the elmorad entrance. I was surprised to see the pm from orc with the initials 'G' with a lot, but I could not see it because the message was in the form of symbol @ $% $ # ^% ^% * () * (* & *.

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    In search of the impossible


    This is a story like many others, which tells the story of a Karus blacksmith named Joe, orphan since he never met his parents, adopted by the kingdom of El Morad after a violent Karus Civil War held years ago where many orcs lost their lives, including Joe’s parents.
    He is happy with his life, even if incomplete.
    His desire is to become a noble knight, and to serve his people and his King with his sword.
    But it is not possible Joe is not very skilled with the sword, moreover he has never trained severely, and has rarely been seen to experience at Eslant.
    In addition to this Joe is of a Karus likeness, even if adopted by humans.
    And to respect the knight code, he cannot become an effective member of the army.
    But this is not what really Joe wants, his deepest desire (and that nobody knows besides himself) is his immense love for the Princess, daughter of the king and future heir to the throne of El Morad.
    Something impossible, due to their social ranks, which does not allow marriage between the two.
    But the main reason is in their difference, a Karus and an human. The priests of El Morad would only shout at the thought: heresy!
    In fact, the princess is destined to marry a prestigious knight.
    But our smith has never given up.

    Chap 1 – The Night of the siege
    It was a clear night in El morad, when our blacksmith looks out the window to smoke his pipe, constantly staring at the royal palace of the King where his beloved lives, imagining his life with her if he could only succeed in his deepest desire.
    At the same time, the princess revered by her serves as a goddess, is unhappy with her life.
    She is bored of court life, from the custom and noble character she must always have because of her social class. She wants to live action and adventure; she wants to experience the thrill of adrenaline. In the throes of melancholy, she retires into a silent cry.
    A few hours later, a strong commotion awakens the town of El Morad, a ship has docked at the port, from which a group of Karus came out, but they were not normal Karus.
    They are an army of orcs condemned by a curse: due to their endless misdeeds and their growing desire for power, the goddess Perla hurled all the gold they had stolen a powerful curse that turned them into “Karus nor alive nor dead”. They look like normal Karus in appearance, but every night in the full moonlight they reveal their identity: monsters, with rotting humanoid body.
    Their purpose is to free themselves from the curse, to make this happen they must return all the gold they have stolen over the years to their rightful owners, in addition to this the curse to be broken requires a drop of fresh blood from a young princess.
    The undead Karus went to the royal castle, and after a long battle they killed all the human guards and arrived at the princess's room, without mercy they killed the servants and kidnap the princess.
    They rushed her to the ship and went to the Island of Nereids, an island that can be reached only by those who have been cursed, or by those who possess the "Golden Key of Hell", an ancient artifact worked in hand by an Aztec god.

    Chap 2 - I will become a knight
    On hearing the news, our blacksmith is at the height of despair, he feels powerless and he doesn’t know what to do except cry. He rushes to the King, asking to be assigned to the party to which will be assigned the quest of the Princess rescue. But the King and all the knights of El Morad are well aware that Joe is not a skilled knight, and that for him such a mission only means suicide.
    But Joe doesn't want to give up, he dresses with the best armor in his possession, and takes the strongest sword in the realm inherited from his father (The Silver Tusk). He goes to the town's sorcerer to buy HP and MP potions, then to the port to steal a ship.
    After having disobeyed his King, and having stolen a ship belonging to the kingdom of El Morad, Joe is considered by everybody a wanted outlawed.

    Chap 3 - The legendary Assassin: IamPeppinu
    Joe continues up and down the oceans for several days, when in the shadow of the first sun, one morning, he sees a boat of human mercenaries destroyed. In water, the corpses are the testimony of a war between ships. Joe looks from the stern of his ship in search of some survivor, when he sees a human on a floating door showing signs of life. Joe, without thinking twice, dives into the water to retrieve and save the stranger. Upon awakening, the mysterious mercenary reveals himself to be the Legendary Assassin known as IamPeppinu, a human assassin for years in the service of the kingdom of El Morad, but long devoted to wandering, disgraced by the King himself after failing a vital quest for the realm.
    IamPeppinu listens to Joe's story, and to thank him for saving his life, and to redeem his honor, he decides to help him with his noble intent. Now Joe can count on the help of one of the most skilled Assassin in history.
    IamPeppinu knows everything, knows about the curse and reveals that he fought with one of the undead Karus many years ago, even managing to discover one of their weak points: The fire.
    "The undead Karus hit with fire burn quickly, faster than a piece of paper," said IamPeppinu to Joe.
    But the two don't have time to learn the ancient magic arts to juggle the power of fire, like a true magician, so they adapt to using those few weak fire spells that everyone knows.
    But the most important thing is that IamPeppinu has in his possession the Golden Hell Key, stolen from a temple now destroyed, with the aim of reselling it on the markets of Moradon long time ago.

    Chap 4 - Arrival at Nereids
    The days pass, and the Nereids island stands out distinctly from the telescope of the blacksmith Joe. The two are getting ready to fight, they know that once they have docked on that island a tough battle will await the two protagonists.
    Once there, the island looks peaceful.
    IamPeppinu knows the island well, and knows where the ritual to break the curse must be performed. They walk for 1 night and 1 day, until they reach the Cursed Temple, built with the magic of the goddess Perla.
    Here the undead Karus settle the preparations for the ritual, IamPeppinu and Joe remember well that nothing can hurt Karus except the fire, so the legendary Assassin draws his two weapons. Two Raums, the most powerful knives of the lands of Adonis, made with the spell of fire, an indispensable element for mortally wounding the undead Karus. Joe instead prepares his sword, decides to infuse his scarce magical fire arts into his sword, so as to be able to create " The burning silver tusk”.
    The protagonists sneak up on the Karus party, managing to kill one without being noticed.
    But due to a distraction, Joe moves a stone that makes noise, the rest of the orcs then notice the presence of the two protagonists, and the real battle begins.
    An unprecedented fight that will last for hours, IamPeppinu fights and kills all the Cursed Karus alone, while Joe goes to free the Princess.
    The Princess to thank the blacksmith's courage decides to give him a kiss, but just during the kiss, nobody realized that there is a Karus who has remained hidden, an undead Karus Assassin, he hits Joe from behind, killing him forever under the eyes of the same princess whom he loved so much.
    The undead Karus justified his action by considering Joe a traitor to the country, as Karus in the service of the King of El Morad, showing no mercy, not even for a fellow man.

    The goddess Perla, who is observing everything in the meantime, disgusted by the filthy behavior of the undead Karus, decides to unleash his anger and bring down the temple, to trap the last surviving Karus under the rubble.
    IamPeppinu senses the danger, and using his legendary light-feet, takes the princess and heads for the temple exit, leaving the corpse of the poor blacksmith to his sad fate.
    IamPeppinu manages to escape from the island and so brought the queen back to the kingdom of El Morad.

    Chap 5 - The honor of an assassin, the fate of a Karus blacksmith
    The unhappy princess for having seen a poor smith die, tells the whole story to the King.
    Following these events, the King decides to honor IamPeppinu, promoting him to absolute Leader of his troops and his right hand as a reward for helping to save the princess, and also confer to deceased Joe the honorary citizenship of El Morad, and promotes him to "Hero of the people and savior of the El Morad crown".

    Joe, a Karus blacksmith, sole survivor of a karus civil war, died to save his love.

    The End

    Nick: IamPeppinu
    Server: Ares
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    Poor Priest

    Once upon a time, there lived a king named king ozan and his daughter Hela, Hela was a beautiful priest, helpful and medical expert, many elmoradians wished to marry her, even they dared to fight each other to fight over Hela. Upon hearing the situation, Hela decided to go into the forest to exile and the king allowed her to go. In the forest, Hela learned more actively how to cure people and gather material for her medicine that could revive a person. She realized, that there was still one very rare material that had to be searched for. she returned to the forest and found it, but accidentally he dropped it into a cliff, the hard-working Hela didn't want his efforts to be in vain.

    Then, she made a promise that anyone who found the material she will to be married, and well, orc found it. and she must keep her promise and marry the orc. and they went to the castle to ask King Ozan for permission to get married. and of course he disagreed because of his green skin and strange, orc angry because he felt insulted and declared war against elmorad. at war the orc was dead, Hela who must still marry the orc trying to revive him, she put out all her strength to rezz him and even her beautiful face gradually became bad. The orc come back alive but he didnt recognize her and decided to leave her.


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    Garret is a warrior and a leader of one proud and oldest clans in El Morad, he is brave, a man of sheer will, he likes attending wars and join battles against Karus nation. Dallia is a priest and daughter of the leader of one Karus’s powerful clans, she’s peaceful, doesn’t like confrontations and she usually doesn’t participate during battles against El Morad.
    One day during a big battle between these two races El Morad army was winning and when they were about to take the last Karus fortress Garret found a priest that was the only left in that fortress she had lost her group in the middle of the fight, when he saw her he ordered to stop the attack, he simply couldn’t do anything than admiring her beauty, they both stared at each other. Meanwhile Karus’s clan leader realized his daughter was missing and with all the remaining Karus left arrived at the fortress, Garret decided to retreat he couldn’t think of any plan to defeat that karus army that just arrived and they all went back to El morad land.

    The next day he desperately wanted to meet that priest again and some el morad spy told him that she usually sitting outside moradon’s castle since she likes watching the nature around. He looked everywhere and finally found her, they started talking to each other, they both share stories about their nations and she told him her idea about karus and elmorad living together in harmony, eventually they start to meet secretly outside moradon every day and started to develop feelings and fall in love.
    Garret had his doubts in the past but now he is convinced that wars should stop in order to continue with their relationship and they both agree to convince their nations to stop fighting each other. The moment Garret told his people about this idea they didn’t like it at all, they started threatening him to find another leader if he keeps mentioning and even murder him. Dallia told her father about Garret and her idea he got furious and she got punished just by saying it, she got herself locked in a castle until she completely forgets about that idea.

    Garret tried to find her at usual moradon spot but he had no luck in weeks, he desperately was looking for her. Meanwhile Dallia’s father had a plan and ordered his right hand ‘Torug’ to keep an eye on her and to be with her all the time, of course she didn’t like that but she accepted otherwise she won’t be able to get out from that room and see Garret again.
    Garret and Dallia weren’t able to see each other in the next weeks, she was forced to help in wars along with her clan and of course always with the company of her father’s right hand, they both spent lots of time together. Garret tried to go karus many times but he had no support from his people and also there was a lot of karus army guarding the place, he stopped being the leader of his clan and started living in exile but always waiting for Dallia at same spot outside moradon unfortunately the place was always empty.

    Time has passed and he finally able to see her again at moradon but she didn’t come alone… she just came to tell that she started to spend more time with someone from her clan and started a relationship and were about to get engaged, she realized the importance and responsibilities as daughter of a karus clan’s leader and the idea of joining two different races was just impossible, she didn’t say anything more and left…
    Garret was devastated but at the same time he realized that this wasn’t true love and also that couldn’t go against his whole race and family. He went back to el morad where he was forgiven and became again the clan leader since his people needed him.

    A year has passed, Garret just meet a rogue el morad girl, she wants to belong his clan, they both smile at each other….

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    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Chapter 1 - Adonis[/COLOR]

    Ares, The God of war, retires after being victorious from his battle with the Gods, all he wants is to create a peaceful world. After creating the world again, he creates a continent called Adonis and creates the public of El morad and Karus, belonging to two races. The people of El morad live at Piana Castle and the people of Karus live at Luferson Castle. Moradon, ruled by god Ares with peace, Eslant ruled by monsters, and Delos ruled by the most powerful clan. The professions of the people on this continent consisted of warriors, rogue, mage and priests. Warriors; specialises in using swords, shields, spears, hammers and axes, rogue; uses bows and knives, mage; dominates only ice and creating gigantic ice storms. Priest was a healer class.
    Luferson was ruled by the same family for 9 generations by a king named F9Devil, while Piana Castle was ruled by a dictator named Santi with of the Republic. F9devil had a daughter named Helen, Helen's husband would rule the country since she did not have a son. She was engaged to her cousin Zero, but she had no heart. In the Piana Castle, the situation would be different, there would be selections every 10 years, the 10 most powerful clans would get candidates, and the people of El morad would select their dictators.

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Chapter 2 - Love in the Moradon[/COLOR]

    Alex, who is from El Morad, was orphaned at a younger age, his mother Alexandra was kidnapped by a troll. His father Alexander was killed by the poison of a hornet. Alex grew up in Linate Orphanage and took classes to become rogue, making his living by selling the products he hunted at the market in Moradon. One day in Moradon, Alex and Helen noticed each other. The two young lovers, who looked at each other every day, began to experience love in the village of Tale. Zero's spies became aware of this situation and informed zero of the situation. Zero told F9devil about the situation and F9devil went there. Not believing his eyes, F9devil tried to kill Alex with the fire-blowing Mirrage Sword. When Alex was about to die, the God Ares appeared there and said 'This is Moradon here no one can kill anyone, King F9devil I punish you, you will remain in Delos for the rest of your life. And F9devil sent into exile. Helen and Zero married, and Zero acceded to the throne. When Alex was about to die, the Tyon farmer, Priest Mottatoni, found him, took home, healed him and listened to what had happened.

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Chapter 3 - The Rise of Alex[/COLOR]

    Alex lived with Mottatoni for a long time and was busy grazing the tyons. All the people of El Morad liked Alex. Alex formed his own clan before the election and participated in the election and won. As much as he Santi didn't like it, he had to accept it. Alex trusted Santi despite everything and kept him in the army. Because there were too many soldiers who were more experienced in war than Alex and trusted Santi.
    When Alex was in search for a new strategy, a mage arrived and told him that a monster named Samma was living on an island and that if we got his powers, everything would be easy. Alex, who had been thinking about it for a long time, accepted the offer of The Mage David.

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Chapter 4 - The Power of Samma[/COLOR]

    Taking part of the army with him, Alex sailed with ships to an island called Eslant and eventually reached it. Monsters he had never encountered before lived here, and they were very powerful. The army began searching for Samma and encountered Samma in a filthy swamp. It was a giant, with an axe decorated with lightning bolts. It was impossible to see its eyes, it was so tall that the clouds were closing its eyes. The army afraid of Samma, when Alex tried to convince the army to defeat the fear, he suddenly made the first attack. As Samma tried to figure out what had happened, the 200-man army began to attack the huge Samma. But Samma didn't seem too impressed with the blows he took. The fight went on quite long and eventually Samma collapsed, its one leg was about to be severed and he was still struggling. Now the army could also attack his body and head. Alex is ready to make the final move. Suddenly, the bouncing Alex stabbed his shard into Samma's right eye, then into his left eye. Alex then cut Samma's throat by landing on her throat, killing Samma. Everyone was so happy because they could make lightning-capable weapons. Alex killed 6 people in this battle. As they gathered the army and began to return to the Piana, they heard a female voice in the distance. Trolls were torturing a woman, and Alex rescued her with his army. He asked what she was doing here and who she was. The woman expressed that her name was Alexis, she was born a slave to trolls here and there were more people here. She said that her mother was here and she couldn't go anywhere without her. So Alex sailed to the Trolls Village to rescue them and began the attack. They saved many slaves. Alexis is going to pick up her mom and introduce her to Alex, and suddenly she called 'My son!' and hugged Alex. Surprised by what had happened, Alex realized that it was his mother after he had looked at her thoroughly and began to listen to what had happened. At the time her mother Alexandra was kidnapped by trolls, she was told that she was pregnant by his father Alexander and had been captive here for years, giving birth here. Alex said that after you left, my father died, I grew up in an orphanage, I came back from the brink of death, and now I'm president of the people of El Morad, and I found my mother, who I thought was dead, and found out that I had a sister. All three hugged each other and returned to the Piana.

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Chapter 5 - Raid on Delos [/COLOR]

    Alex, who now rules Glacier and Lightning, turned a shard into a lightning-bright dagger thanks to materials he received from Samma and named it Dark Vane. Many mage have Lightning Erenion, rogues have Erenion Bow, warriors have Iron Impact and Samma Swords. It was time for war, and Alex, who went to moradon to meet God Ares for this job, asked God's permission.
    God Ares:
    -I fought for peace for hundreds of years, I defeated 12 Olympians, and there hasn't been a war in 300 years, so why would I let you?
    -F9devil would have killed me there that day, I want blood against blood, he stole the woman I loved from me.
    - The first war for the woman was the Trojan War and that woman's name was Helen, so this will be the last time the war for love.' and he gave permission.

    So Alex gathered his army and laid siege to the castle of Delos. F9devil, surprised by what had happened, was begging for help from God. Ares replied, blood against blood. F9devil wasn't actually afraid, he was just a little surprised that he didn't expect such a thing, and he was quite reliant on the castle's ramparts. Alex brought a ladder to climb the walls with him and they started to attack the walls. When Alexis attacked the walls, Alex said you are priest, stay behind. Alexis replied that I am battle priest. Alex was surprised that it was the first time he had heard anything like it. Alexis was the first to climb to the top of the wall. Alex was watching with amazement, he as tough as a priest and fighting as a warrior. While the F9devil's clan was surprised by what had happened, they were about to lose the battle, many of them fled. The people of El Morad, who captured F9devil, brought him to Alex. While F9devil begged to live, Alex was thinking. At the time, Alexis severed F9devil's neck with lightning sword. Now that the Delos had fallen into the hands of the El Morad, they had proved to be the most powerful clan, and now Luferson Castle was next. At that time, Ares descended from the sky. After he said Alex that 'A dragon named Felankor lives under the castle and use your fire well', he disappeared again.

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Chapter 6 - Felankor's Fire[/COLOR]

    Alex started looking for felankor and they found it. Alex approached felankor and said it belonged to me now, so felankor set the whole room on fire, and when it saw that Alex was not afraid, it bent his neck and realized that he was the new owner. The people of El morad, who started making weapons with felankor's fire, made weapons called Mirrage Sword, Flame Shard, Wraith of Erenion, Hell Breaker.

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Chapter 7 - Raid of Luferson [/COLOR]

    Alex had led his army through the Lunar mountains and now set foot in the land of the Karuses. Alex, carrying an electric Dark Vane in one hand and a fiery Flame Shard in the other, set off for Linate village. Alex, who had given the chance to live for all who begged forgiveness, had captured Linate. When they reached the Raon Camp he learned that everyone had already left and reached Luferson Castle. Setting off again, Alex and his army approached the castle's ramparts, mages starting to break through the door with Frost Nova, Static Nova, and Super Nova. As soon as the door broke, Alexis was the first to come in again. She didn't look like Alexis, she didn't hesitate to take the life of anyone who begged for forgiveness, so she learned from trolls that's how she survived. When Alex entered the castle, he searched for and found Zero. When the two monarchs faced off, all armies wanted to stop fighting and watch 1 vs 1. They were the only two fighting. Alex was hitting very hard, Zero started to run, and a Karus archer threw an arrow at Alex, who realized this, Alexis, passed in front of her brother Alex and was seriously injured. Alex immediately took her in his arms and asked why she did this. Alexis even without me , this army continues to exist , but without you, this army would disappear and she died. Coward Zero had fled to Breath Village. Alex searched for all of Luferson Castle and found Helen and he was both happy and sad for his sister's death. Alex, who took Helen with him and set out for Breath Village, caught Zero there and killed him. When he took his sister's funeral to the Piana, he learned that he learned that also his mother died from disease . Alex, whose father also buried his mother and sister next to his grave, met Ares again. Ares said that you conquered 3 countries and you became the only leader of two races, and gave the country of Moradon as a gift, saying he should be the only leader of one continent. Alex lived a long life with Helen. When they died, they also buried them in the cemetery opposite the castle of El Morad. On the right side of the cemetery, surrounded by fences, lies a large family of five, and this story you are listening to is written in the memorial there..

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    When Karus luvs.

    Once upon a time there was a Berserker called Baka arrived at Adonis Continent, he moves to a little house near El Morad town to start an adventure. Hes dream was one day become the king os Karus nation and a Lunar war hero.
    To start training on becoming a warrrior he was told to go training with worms that were located right outside El Morad town. He started training with the worms,and was allready level 3, when suddenly he saw the most beautiful creature he has ever seen, with soft white skin the remembered white roses, perfectly sculptureded pink lips, long brown hair that seemed to dance with the wind, and a body that could make any miss universe jealous. She was and elmoradian cleric, with a beauty that only couldent been made by godess Afroddite herself. Her name was Kira.

    He continued training with worms, but totally distracted on her presence also training with worms. He wanted so badly to ask her for a party or even to say "hi" but was to shy to do so.
    He was getting stronger at eache level but still had no armor so was taking alot of damage from Bandicoots and Kekuris. Even with low defense and no HP potion left he decided to hunt Bulcans to get stronger faster. He started attaking one bulcan but when the bulcan attaked back it almost killed Baka with only one hit, the bulcan was charging for the second hit, that would for sure kill Baka, when suddenly he felt something incredibly in his body, he never felt that before, hes energy and was coming back and hes hapiness was getting boosted, for the first time in hes life Baka was getting HEALED, he dident knew where that came from when he heard a female voice:
    "- watch out there big boy"
    When he turned around and saw Kira with a big smile on her face. She came close and asked for trade, still paralized with love Baka accepted the trade. Kira donated Baka 10 Waters of Love, and then finally Baka could say hes first words to her:
    "-t-t-thank you"
    "-use them wisely, and try to get yourself some armor, its wild down here" Kira sayd with a kind smile.

    After that they bacame friends and started to meet everyday at Folk Village to go training together. They trained together for days, hunting Lycans, Pincers, Smilodons and others.
    By that time Baka was allready in love with Kira, her kindness and beaty could make any man crazy about her, and to become even better she had great hunting abilitys, she was a superb healer and debuffer. Baka many times almost got killed by monsters by the distraction on observing Kira training, but she was always there to heal him. Baka constantly asked himsef if Kira was also feeling the same as him, that was also in love, or she was just a kind a happy girl all around,, but of course he was to shy to ask here, and kept those feling for himsleft.
    So one day, at level 29, Baka arrived late for training, he was supossed to meet Kira at the Orc Watchers hunting site, but when he got to the spot, she was not there. He waited many hours, then he looked for here all over Folk Village and even Tale Village, but no sign of her.
    He then decided to ask Folk Village Chiefe Kronil if he knew what happened to her. The answer he got from Kronil felt life a thunder on his heart, he fell on hes knees with sadness, it felt like the whole world had no pourpose anymore, not even becoming a war hero had no meaning..Kira was gone! gone forever..she went to Elmorad Castle, to never teturn..

    To be continued..

    Server: Rosetta
    Name: iCrimsonBolt

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    Mar 2018
    KO -> Priest
    KO -> Ares
    Server: Ares
    Name LanceWilson

    Althur, a simple rogue orc wandered through the woods of folk village, hunting werewolf, he sees a party invitation appear, was a low level human priest named Chris, looking for experience to reach level 35. Althur observes something in She who does accept the party. "Help me complete the quest" Chris says, Althur coldly affirms with his head, among the buffs and heals she gives him, Althur is generating a greater feeling of friendship towards her. Already when Chris reaches level 35, Althur decides to give him a Shaitan Pet; Chris, astonished by the gift, accepts it. Althur knows that what he feels towards Chris is impossible. Goodbye arises at the moment of each one going their way Althur with level 38 goes to Luferson as a lonely rogue, on the other hand, Chris was part of a prestigious clan, Imhotep the leader of the clan, waited for him in El Morad to help him to level up quickly. What they did not expect was that fate would bring them together again.

    Months went by and at an event in Forgotten Temple, Althur and Chris meet again, Althur was alone, while Chris was with her husband Imhotep. She invites him to form a party, but he rejects him feeling jealous to see that his party was practically made of humans, leaving him as the only orc. Already in El Morad Chris remembers the moments they spent together, at that moment she began to feel more than friendship towards Alhur. Despite the lack of communication between them Chris began to think more and more about Althur.

    At level 83 Althur gets some companions, with whom he is going to do PK to Ronark Land, one day they decide to go to war in search of conquering new territories, Althur already as an unstoppable murderer faces towards countless Humans, in one of they see a priest with a low life, whose mere presence reminded him of Chris, he lets her go and thinks about Chris.

    He goes to Moradon with the hope of reuniting with Chris and in order to get rid of that feeling by declaring his love for her. Days went by, Althur decides to do PVP in moradon to test his ability, then he got too distracted watching Chris in the distance, which almost cost him his life. By the time he finished it was late, Chris had already left for Elmorad. Althur tired and leaving for Luferson observes a human who asks for help in collecting teeth from Bandicoot, he sees an easy task and decides to help her. As the only reward she gives an upgrade scroll. When he gives him his teeth, Chris appears out of nowhere and says "it seems that you are not insensitive after all"; Althur, looking down, declares his love for Chris without hope that she will accept it.

    Contrary to what was expected, she accepts that she also feels the same towards him, since the relationship she had with Imhotep was ending. Althur promises that he will find a way to make his love work. He knew of the existence of a scroll, which could make him human, that scroll would find him hunting 1000 leading monsters in Ronark Land, so he decides to go in search of that scroll. His unstoppable ability was not enough to hunt those monsters, so it was costing him too much; at that moment the Imhotep clan appears, and orders its members to attack him, Althur fights against them, with all the possibilities of losing and blinded by the promise he made to Chris, he does not take his life into account, he ends up with almost everyone , leaving only Althur and Imhotep, taking advantage of the fact that Althur was very low in life throws an icy arrow towards Althur ...

    Althur had closed his eyes thinking that his life was ending there, but he felt someone hugging his legs; when he opened his eyes he saw that it was Chris, who had been hit by the arrow and was freezing forever. Althur sees her die leaving aside Imhotep, who launches a second arrow giving Althur this time. Both die and even without being able to fulfill their promise, they continue to love each other throughout eternal death and oblivion.
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    Smile Knight Online Ottoman Empire


    Knight online ancestral online game of two races karus and elmorad in which stories of corruption, fighting, betrayal, drama and legends occur.
    After the banishment of the k2Network the excessive appearance of several bearded men a group of degenerates devastate adonis lands with the sole purpose of satisfying their low instincts.
    The appearance of these degenerates decreased the number of players greatly, the phrase items by webcam or video call was the day to day of their victims.

    The return to usko Ottoman Empire

    Retaking the game after time. 4kh1z1 an old player returns to the knight online.
    Meeting with the new changes, outside the patches, the change of server and the harassment of the chins.
    Server ping and stability was a cancer for anyone who returned having played the original usko server.
    Party for experience, boss or pk the bearded men stalked her like a prey.
    The question came from a pajero barbón and said s.a. you're a woman?

    Wanker and bearded man

    Of the oldest players Cr4B_TiGeR had made many friendships with gms, mods and top clans on the oldest server Ares the cradle of the heroes and legends of knight online, the server with the most powerful.
    Corrupt and degenerate are the descriptions of this Cr4B_TiGeR respected and feared by some, considered as corrupt by several.
    What moved or motivated him?
    It is not known, he is a wanker bearded man without love or feelings, moved by his vice, he does not care about anything other than himself.
    Or at least until he met her.

    The sperm in love

    The old gossip who knows everything and tells everything tells me.
    I found fresh meat is your time but I can not go to work the camels do not feed themselves.
    Damn time difference ... says TheWeAseL while cutting communication over ts.
    Send pm with typical S.A. you've been returning to the game for years, but are you a girl? Right or not?
    My friend Ahmet abdul jabbar aka TheWeAseL has never lied to me but I have my doubts.
    Do you have whatsapp Facebook or Messager? It is to make exp or communicate by game events.
    Incredulous to see the profile pictures his eyes widened.

    Cat by hare

    Cr4B_TiGeR was not innocent since he knew his photos could be fake.
    Faster than a crazy dromedary asks for a video called the marker sounds ...
    At that moment on the other side of the world 4kh1z1 realizes that beraded man is a wanker.
    Many people leave the game because of poor service but the girl in question had her own reasons.
    That particular player liked virtual boyfriends, use them until they have nothing.
    At that time Cr4B_TiGeR went from hunter to prey. That crazy wanker guy, pull goose he was excited.
    To these bearded men a pair of tits and a pretty face were their weakness.

    Disappointment and fall into the abyss

    Weeks passed ... the talks followed audios and video calls I am hypnotized.
    The wanker had turned from toxic to a sensitive with their loved one.
    Occasionally he would lend him his items in the game, he felt sorry for being killed in the colony zone.
    If an Aranchist or a _WithCares_ normal items comes, nothing can cope with these macro butter fingers.
    The gab 10 and felo and in.set 3 and +10 clothes to the hardly can cover their poor performance in the game.
    She always returned the items before log off but he realized that she was not good priest.
    While enduring the rest of the party died as poop the magician party one of the toxins suffered from the buff priest.
    That's where the idea comes from if you don't do it with a priest, maybe you magician will succeed.
    Some time later it would help him to raise his wizard's garbage to level 83.
    she used it and I knew this rag was being squeezed it didn't have much time left she thought.
    It was 6 in the morning she was slaughtered in the colony zone, her wizard stunk.
    Before leaving for work, he proposed to lend him his magician's items.
    I accept and it was the last time I saw her in the game.

    Unbandaged Camel

    Locked from all sides ... at that moment he realized that everything was false.
    The emptiness and sadness he felt turned into rage and thirst for revenge.
    With the camel business I could not recover soon.
    I ask TheWeAseL how to locate it or recover its things the impossible word came at once.
    He trusted and lost he was an idiot… Knight Online is a game that doesn't help you in cases of scam.
    There is no serious policy in this game under any administration.
    You will realize that having evidence or requirements on this is difficult because those affected are careless types and nothing meticulous.
    But Cr4B_TiGeR had his ace up his sleeve.
    A GM fag corrupt that he had previously contacted to send people to jail.
    The pull goose wanted to abuse his power.
    If it were a normal player, support would not be achieved,because it does not help on these issues.

    Bearded men Pact

    Using his powers the corrupt GM banned the account and injected the items without saying anything to his leader.
    Cr4B_TiGeR laughed the satisfaction on his face appeared , but he would have to pay a price.
    TheWeAseL heard the deal and what they would ask. He will know and you can do nothing.
    Complaints on ticket and discord reached the ear with earwax from the leading GM.
    You have abused your power but I get to the balls, you will do my job in the forum.
    The things of being corrupt, tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are.
    He had to be a forum mod slave and leave the game that was fun. To ignore community complaints.
    In the end his revenge had no fruits the girl sold the items in folk for real money and shared it with an infiltrator in his group of Ts.
    The plucked goose boy lost more than the items lost their freedom in the game for revenge who knows if they asked for more things by poor virtual asterisk camera.


    One day the third race would be born capable of withstanding the cypher curse and maintaining its human form.
    Knight online Korean would upload videos to youtube where people to complain from usko service.
    The merge of usko would come late steamko would not have salvation would remain with a single server.
    Nobody gives a shit about being orc or human for that there is a transfer nation.
    The Improvements in the F.A.Q would never arrive would continue to scam people without support or preventive guidance.
    Everything in this story is fiction if you feel identified, because it Im sorry little flower I step you on it is mere awareness.

    SERVER: Ares
    NICKNAME Thudor
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