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    November Forum Event

    Hail Knights!

    We are entering to 'Sweet November' and this month we are asking you to write a love story!

    The story we want you to write is the love story of a Karus who fell in love with an El-Morad and about the impossible love between these two enemy races.

    It is up to your imagination how the theme of the story will be. You can mention about the things that a Karus magician's has done to stop the love of his daughter for an El Morad Knight, how much Noah he has offered to El Morad Knight in order to convince him to leave his daughter, or another kind of love story that you wish to write.

    Event Rules
    1) Everyone can submit only 1 story.
    2) Your story should be min. 2 paragraphs.
    3) The theme of the story should be the impossible love between a Karus and an El Morad.
    4) Stories must be original, themes that have been copied from any other sources, will be eliminated.
    5) You cannot participate in the event from both Turkish or English threads. (Note to Turkish Players: Please submit your story to TR Community Thread - Forum Event)
    6) You cannot re-participate with the works that you have used before in the previous events.
    7) You can submit your stories via THIS SUBJECT . You should state your server and in-game character name information In the post.

    The Event Period: 11.01.2019 - 11.30.2019

    1st place 2400 NPoints
    2nd place 2000 NPoints
    3rd place 1600 NPoints

    We wish success to all participants!

    NTTGame || Knight Online World Team
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