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    Cool [Recruiting] BadFamily - Sirius - Elmoard

    Hi Everyone,

    After a long break from KO I've started playing once again.

    Even tho its a long shot, im trying to see if there is any community left on USKO new servers

    Currently we are looking for any active players.

    There isn't many requirements beside the few below :

    While playing with the clan you must join Discord.
    Respect each other.

    At the moment we have about 10-15 active clan members mostly from Israel / USA / Poland and Turkey.

    Note that most of us playing only during night time on week days and pretty active during the weekend.

    If you would like to join, feel free to Pm Degano / LegenderyArmal / KozoK1nG in game (please don't try in pm forum because i will probably not see it).

    Have Fun.

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    I'm Clanless qq
    KO -> Gordion
    If you all are still active I'd like to join....whenever I can get the NTTNow App to work so I can get into the server that is.

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    clan still exists and Poles play?

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