please let me know the number we will REGISTRA is should be same number we used for otp ,or even if is deferent one it will works? I did install the app on my phone my phone is (( pixel xl android 10))my country cod is +1 also but I don't understand if I put my phone number this what I get note & error

Accounts with phone numbers registered outside of Turkey (+90) will need to be manually verified by a GM. This process may take up to 1 day and possibly delay game access.
Data not found

other thinks is when I try on my phone app NTTNow this is happened ok app is open fine and is come s for code of Country than I put Canada
when I press what happen is it ask me samethink again and when I put for a second times app close by itself and I get this note & error

NTTNow keeps stopping
! App info
x close app
even I did ticked for support but somehow they couldn't help me out I was gonna ticket to open up all is happens by we can do ones a day so I say is better I send in big froum like her so maybe someone knows what I have to do .
I think if is same number I used for open up they otp so it could be because of that because at the time my cousin help me out for setup my otp and I belive he put his phone number but if is should be same number as otp but if not it could be because im out of turkey as it say in
nttgame website it should done by ((((manually verified by a GM))) please if any of you guys know how I have to fix this issue let me know ..thank you very much for any of you guys time for help me out ..