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    Knight Online Awakening Update!

    Hail Knights!

    With the arrival of the new Rebirth Quests on our previous update, this time we bring you the Rebirth level increase! All Knights across the continent will now be able to increase their Rebirth level to +10 to increase their power even further!

    The max Rebirth Level of old servers will be increased from 5 to 10 and Rebirth process will be started in the new servers (Altar, Vega and Sirius). Max level of Rebirth process in the new servers, will be 5.

    Find below the experience needed to continue with your Rebirth journey!

    Rebirth Required Exp
    Rebirth 1 8.705.986.960
    Rebirth 2 9.576.585.656
    Rebirth 3 10.534.244.222
    Rebirth 4 11.587.668.644
    Rebirth 5 12.746.435.508
    Rebirth 6
    Rebirth 7 15.423.186.965
    Rebirth 8 16.965.505.661
    Rebirth 9 18.662.056.227
    Rebirth 10 20.528.261.850

    Leveling up to Rebirth 6 will change your Rebirth Emblem to a new one!

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]*[/COLOR]More details about rewards to be distributed will be shared soon.

    Good luck Knights!

    NTT Game | Knight Online Team
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    KO -> Europa
    Is it mean that people will come back paramuns? I hope so,finally I'll be albe to exp warrior to 80

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