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    Angry I cannot log in to my account because NTTGame doesn't want me to..

    I cannot log in to my 3 years old account just because I don't remember its e-mail password, and NTTGame does not care. I understand that it's my responsibility to remember my e-mail's password but I also know that it's NTTGame's responsibility to protect our assets. Take look at Blizzard, and see how helpful they are with character recovery. Just tell them I don't remember my password and they will copy that character to your new account for World of Warcraft. I'm only asking NTTGame supports to change my e-mail to a new one or just simply lift the suspension, and free my account. But only answer I get is "Sorry we cannot act against company rules.".. Isn't it against your company rules to remove people's assets together with their accounts?

    People have tens of old accounts that they want to log in years after and have some good ol' time. Thanks NTTGame for taking this away from us. I cannot reach any of my accounts just because i don't recognize passwords of their mail addresses. NTTGame is the single worst company to trust.
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    I support you completely, I have old accounts since Europe KO after merging the servers ntt have changed my mail by adding symbols in front and now I can not log myself can not dare to mail.

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    furthermore on lost accounts !!!
    I had a Full geared character in Europe knight online, after merging I had same ID in both usko and euko, therefore they asked me to change one of the ID to be able to access both accounts, I did change the euko one and logged in, and log to the server and found that my account was removed !!!. I issued a ticked in which they did not care or do anything, I did issue another ticket with proof, and therefore they understand their failure and offered me a 1 month premium which is nothing compare to my lost. I lost full gear mage lvl 80 with personal staff +7. items worth of 500$ and the irony in all of that, I still have 200 npoints with 0 characters registered to my account, thats another proof that there was an account playing on this server. still cannot come back to play KO because of that reason.
    2nd irony my usko account is there and its a noob character with 0 items.
    3rd proof, Nickname: :V:I:P: and Cappu which both are 80 lvl chars and has been deleted idk how, clan is Exception
    server is europa its all written in this website.
    so I think changing my euko ID was my biggest mistake and their biggest failure of merging.

    if any admins see this post and know how to help please respond here or by sending mail to my registered email and I will be there.
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