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    Lightbulb [Update Notes] 30.05.2019

    Hello friends,

    With server maintenance this week;

    - The ability to swap monster stone items for Experience Points.

    - Ability to make preset Skill and Stat score distribution.

    - Fixed description of Minak's Thorn - Skill. (20% -> 10%)

    - The problem of NPC Amelie related to the cemetery was fixed in the next stage of the mission named "Pursuit at the middle of the night" from Jed NPC in Folk Village. With NPC Amelie you can now talk and complete the task.

    - Zombie Invasion (Twisted Moradon) activity ended.

    - When the weapon and armor shows resistance and falls to 20%, the flashing warning will appear permanently in the lower right corner when it drops to 5%.

    - A new EXP / PvP Buff system has been added to increase the number of Clan members who are active according to the number of Clan members online and increase the number of online Clan members.

    Together with the new incoming clan buff system, you can get 2 different types of buff increments according to the number of players online.

    You get 20% Exp and +1 NP bonus when at least 5 players are online. These increases are increasing according to the number of online players.

    Exp Buff
    As the number of online members increases, the EXP increase you receive increases by 1% for each member.

    NP Buff
    You get 1% NP increase per 5 online members.
    Online number of players 5 10 20 30 40 50
    Bonus nation points amount +1 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5

    You can control your increase level through the interface in the top right corner.

    - Scroll type items can now be stacked up to 200 pieces. A new slot in the inventory will be required for over 200 units.

    - 2 weeks ago, added to the servers of Altar, Vega and Sirius and the "Battlefield" daily task on the map of Ronark Land was added to the rest of the servers. When you complete this task on legacy servers, armor comes at a random level of +1, +3, +5, or +7.

    --- New Daily Mission System - Battlefield - ---

    The Battlefield is a PvP-oriented daily task system. Players can complete their missions by killing enemies in the "Ronarkland Center Monument" radius range.
    In order to complete your task seamlessly, you must kill 15 people in total.
    Our players, who complete their missions, will be able to obtain "Green Mithril Piece" from NPC.
    "Green Mithril Piece" will be able to provide "7th Armor" items from the same NPC in exchange for 3.000.000 Noah when the item is 7 pieces in total.
    When you complete this task on legacy servers, armor comes at a random level of +1, +3, +5, or +7.

    - In addition to the creatures in the update of 16.05.2019, the movement distance of all other creatures has been doubled. Externally held creatures: Dark Mare, Dread Mare. (Adding)

    Note: Necessary notice regarding the NPC Hacivat, which you can get the "Ramadan Emblem" removed after maintenance, has been made to the producer.

    NTT Game || Knight Online Team

    This is the translation of the Turkish forum

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    This is not an official post but to stop asking what changes have the last week's patch

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    Karus Gordion

    Thank you for your interest in our beloved game and for bring to English forum this translation

    ... Life is always like a game, anything could happen. Learn play fair!

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