Hail Knights,

We want to inform you about an update which applied for ICS/OTP system. This update is about OTP codes' expiration times.

As you know, OTP codes which have been generated by AnyOTP program are being updated in 60 seconds. After this time AnyOTP generates a new code for you, but previous code is being available for a while.

OTP codes' expiration time have been set as 60 seconds within this update. It means, if AnyOTP program generates a new code, you can't be able to use previous code anymore.

Let us explain more;

AnyOTP program has generated "330831" code for us. We need to use this code in 31 seconds to use it successfully. End of this period, "330831" code will be expired and will be no longer available. You will need to use a new OTP code to complete your process.

From now on, please check the expiration time of the OTP code before you use that.

Have Fun!