Greetings everyone,

Here at NTTGame, we believe that within Knight Online, every user needs to create and improve their own account and characters to have a more enjoyable gaming experience. Since the first day we obtained the rights to Knight online, we announced that we do not approve the sales of accounts between Knight Online players or account sharing, and that we will not provide assistance to issues that arise due to account sharing or sale of accounts.

Although we have notified our players that the inconvenience due to the aforementioned situations is unacceptable, we have made the decision to be stricter within our Support Team because of the issues mentioned.

As of February 1st, 2019, the accounts affected by issues pertaining illegal sale or account sharing will be removed indefinitely from our services if our support team determines that a sale of the account has occurred. In addition, all accounts from users involved in the sale (selling and buying accounts) will also be blocked from our services.

Additionally, we stand with the decision that “NTTGame Support privileges cannot be used” by the users who conduct account sharing activities. However, we would like to state that the sanctions made from account sharing and account selling will be different.

NTTGame Support Team