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    Angry server lagg only for not players turks

    Lag is always about 250 ms 300 ms how can play players in america?
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    yes always usko server was in usa long time ago. when gamefirst no paid license euko buy the server of usko they were euko europe server later they move the server to turkey actually ranking 92 of internet in world no chance it going to change. Actually server usa or american players is steamko but is empty. Taiwanko is a alternative but It is in chinese and is same lag that usko(turkish server) but probably more stability for be top 20 ranking no sure actually ranking 13 or 17 it was 3 in 2017.
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    its absolutely true. More than never.
    game is lagging, mainly when there are many users online.
    I noticed alone that if I play during the day, the game is enjoyable, but maybe during the night, when there is an hight number of users online the game is not playable!
    Rollsback, lags and DC are by now a normality if you will to play at the night.
    All this really makes me angry, I cannot accept.
    After paying dozens of money for buy all those PUS item almost indispensable for having a competitive PVP in CZ I have to face with lags and non-stop DC.


    the managers should begin to take serious measures about this, a " lag-period" with instability like this in a normal game should lasts for max 7/10 days.
    basically this is why I am not buying premiums, I wanted to buy an Exp premium and genie for exping my character up to 83.5 but Its kinda impossible since you have to be near computer for relog at least every 30/60 mins ( the true sence of the genie getting useless if you dc, you have to relog, move again to slot and then you can go again afk).

    leaving aside then the events. I am not joining any event more. No chaos, no JR, nothing. Why?
    Why should I join if I get disconnected before the event ends?

    I dont know the reasons of all this lag and instability.
    I just know that this all started when the new servers were lunched.
    So, maybe I assume that there are many servers, or maybe there are many players and the servers get instable ( in this case I would be happy, I sure dont like to play alone), but here we needs "the right shoe for the foot".
    NTTGame should improve their networks for increase the stability maybe.
    I dunno, i am not a manager of an online game and mine are just ideals.
    I just hope this lagging and instability last for few time still.
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    He cant improve the network it is a problem in hardware mister pepe. I played Dota2 in my own server country it have the same problem that knight online in players peak time for quality of internet. Ranking is 92th my country is 103th world internet no good for servers of mmo.

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