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    Exclamation Can anyone explain what happened here? Something is very wrong...

    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post about my experience since I was thinking maybe the people who did this might understand my situation and finish the job but now after rethinking this and talking to others, I decided to tell all of you in the English community about what happened to my account this morning.

    First of all, I do not use 3rd party programs or use any other illegal program. I’m as legit as they come and I think people would say the same about me. I have played this game for a very long time so I’m not interested in getting my accounts banned for any reason. I follow the rules laid out by nttgame and GMs. All of my accounts have been created by me and have been exp’d by me. I do not share my account and I do not give my account passwords or OTP to anyone.

    So I usually have 2 characters logged into KO and they are just sitting and gaining exp at the same location. One character is on my main PC and the other is on my laptop. When I have premium, I am able to log onto a third character using my wife’s PC. So currently I do not have premium so I should only be able to log onto 2 accounts using 2 computers. If I try logging into a third account, I will get an error message and KO won’t let me log my third account.

    Today at 8am, I woke up and went to check on my 2 accounts to see if they are still logged into KO or if they got disconnected. Both accounts were still logged in and sitting gaining exp. That was all fine. I noticed my wife’s computer screen also showed a picture of KO but the screen was really dark but I could see the names of people in KO and I could see the account that was logged in. It took me a minute to understand what I was looking at. My wife’s computer showed that my priest (that was currently logged into my main computer and still sitting getting exp) was also logged into my wife’s computer. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to stop think about what was going on. I thought that this was not possible on so many levels. Again, on my main computer, everything looked fine, I was sitting on my priest gaining exp, people were moving around, and nothing looked wrong. On my wife’s computer, the screen was dark except it showed the HUD (what characters were close to me, all the buttons for town and skills, etc.) and also showed the names above the heads of all people all around my priest. Let me say this again so you understand. My priest was on 2 computers at once. I only logged my priest into my main computer. I can’t remember the last time I logged into my wife’s computer but it had to be a month ago since I haven’t had premium for a good 2-3 weeks. Here’s where I started to survey the situation and try to figure out what was going on.

    My priest on my main computer is lvl 80 at exp 43.21% as of 8:01 am this morning. I know the exact times of things since they are written into the names of the KSC files. My priest is still logged into my main pc and sitting in the same place gaining exp even as I write this. This morning, my priest was also logged into my wife’s computer. I did not log her into my wife’s computer. Once I realized my priest was on 2 pc’s, my first instinct was to log my priest off of my wife’s computer. I didn’t know if I was being hacked or what was going on. Luckily I took 2 KSC screen shots of my priest from my wife’s computer before I logged her off and checked some things.

    The first impossibility is the fact that KO was started on my wife’s computer. I did not do it and I know my wife did not do it. She doesn’t play KO and doesn’t even want to know how to play KO. How did KO start on my wife’s computer? KO is installed on that computer but I haven’t used it for KO for about a month since I haven’t had premium for about that much time on any of my accounts.

    The second impossibility is the fact that my priest account was on 2 computers at the same time. All of my accounts are OTP protected. My priest account has OTP. The OTP for this account is on a cell phone that I keep turned off until I need to relog my priest. So my cell phone is off and has been for at least 2 days. So my first question is how can my priest even be logged into a second computer if 1) I don’t have premium and already have 2 accounts logged in and 2) my OTP is on a cell phone that is turned off? Even is someone hacked OTP, it’s on a cell phone that is physically turned off since that battery on that cell phone is bad so I turn it on for OTP and immediately turn it off. OK, if you can get past this break in logic, then I’ll tell you next about more stuff I found out.

    Based on the KSC screen shot of my priest account that was logged into my wife’s computer before I logged her out, my priest that was logged in was lvl 80 but only at 3.62%. So not only was my priest logged into 2 computers but they were also different levels (exp wise). Also, from the KSC from my wife’s computer, it shows a character from my third account being logged in. I know that is impossible since I don’t have premium and the OTP for that third account is on my cell phone which was physically in my pocket all night. I have never shared my accounts with anyone or my OTP passwords. Also, the character from the third account is in the same clan as the priest. I took a KSC of the current clan list and it shows that my third account character (which I saw in the KSC from my wife’s computer) has not been logged in for a very long time and definitely not this morning when I took the KSC on my wife’s computer. So that doesn’t add up at all either.

    If you’ve made it this far reading all of this and you understand what I just described above, then you probably feel like I do now. Something is very wrong. Something is very wrong and on many levels. I figured that if I get hacked or banned or whatever, I can point to this post to explain to you what maybe happened. Or maybe this already happened to you when you weren’t looking. I don’t know. All I can do is tell you what I experienced this morning. I have the KSCs to prove what I have stated above and also made a copy of the xmag.xem file, the xigncode.log file, and the log.klg file from this morning at 9am when I logged out of my wife’s computer. So I know I’m not dreaming when I logged out of KO from my wife’s computer. Again, I haven’t logged into KO from my wife’s computer for about a month since I haven’t had premium for about 2-3 weeks and I only log a third computer if I have premium on one of my accounts.

    1) How did KO even start on my wife’s computer to begin with? I have KO installed on my wife’s computer but I haven’t logged into KO for about a month on that computer.
    2) How can my priest account be on 2 computers at once? I only logged her on my main computer.
    3) How can someone log in my priest when it is protected by OTP and the phone I use for OTP is physically off? I only use that phone for OTP. I turn it on for OTP and turn it off once I log into KO. It is off most all the time due to a bad cell phone battery.
    4) How can my priest be two different levels of exp at the same time? I have KSCs on each computer to taken this morning to prove what I’m saying here. (lvl 80 - 3.23% vs. lvl 80 - 43.37%)
    5) How can my priest account that was logged on my wife’s computer this morning also show my third account being logged on when I know that it wasn’t logged in and can’t be logged in. Again, I have a KSC from my wife’s computer on my priest account showing a character from my third account being logged in. I took a screen shot of clan list from my main computer and it shows that third account character hasn’t logged in for a very long time. It was not logged in this morning.
    6) Has anyone else had a similar experience to what I described above?

    I know this all sounds crazy. It is what happened to me today.

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    welcome to knight online usko where the reason leaves the house when these issues come.

    Ghosts, black magic, mysticism a lot players died playing knight online actually, but I cant find a answer. It is like a old copy of you character was stuck in the game. I read about it in other game gm can log you account but login from you own pc very weird there theories about it in other section of forum Comic NttGame or Lunar war removed this things. Never happen to me once I logged and the character that was in the select character wasnt mine it was of other person. It never happened to me once I entered and the character that was in the selected character was not mine but someone else's for many years in k2network times. But that this logeado in the game the file entered only the game while the computer was on and nobody saw it I do not think it is a file of the game if there is something else there. A third person did this so online knight does not have the ability to start alone.

    I guess maybe is it:

    1. Hacker broken you internet and game security with a new method to hack you account.
    2. Bad gm doing it in on purpose to generate a ban.
    3. Bug of own game doing it conflict with xigncode opening a ghost version of game.
    4. knight online with files of hacking inside program malicious auto run.

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    Is the computer free of keylogger or other trojan.. virus...

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    this is a very serious issue.

    Even if the computer had been hacked or there was a key logger on the computer, it does not explain why the account, which was logged into one computer, was not logged out, when the same account was logged onto another computer. That has nothing to do with key loggers.

    Secondly OTP is not even on the computer but on a phone which was switched off. So how could the key logger on the computer access a turned off phone, enter in the correct OTP password on the phone and then enter that code into the start screen of the computer?

    Thirdly, why was the character that was logged on the second computer showing a profile that was months old?

    This has serious implications for account security, especially in light of the fact that quite a few old players, and i mean people playing for 10+ years who we can all vouch for and who have never used any third party tools, are now being accused of using third party tools while merching on their secondary accounts and have had these accounts banned with no recourse to having the matter properly investigated.

    KO has told us there is nothing amiss with xigncode or OTP. If this is the case then the above issue should never have been able to happen.

    We all know you can't log the same account into two computers at once. The game wont let you and it especially wont let you log in without an OTP code.

    There is something very wrong with all of this and i think this player and the community deserve an explanation of how this is even possible.

    People are not renewing their premium since KO got rid of their war and now people are too scared to log in and merch with their characters in case they get falsely accused of using cheats and get banned.

    Grim days for all of us.

    Total silence and lack of communication from KO management just makes the situation worse.

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    Same shit my acc with 4xcar 83+ big valued iteam many years play ans spend to much money to genie and pus iteam and got tpt xd ban this big scam my acc Ivana988 play last in Orc side Dieortrowtown clan with good friend and not play game two three weak back in game in Ester from my laptop and be logged 5 min and after few days try back again and cant and see tpt xd same shit and sent 4 ticked and baned from website cant send ticket and nothing he tell me baneed now from website reaseson spaming ticket if my spent money spamming i fuck up all game masters in game to much give money and time in this game and all stolen from KO !!!!!

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