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    Price Check Warrior/BP Items

    Hello, I would like to know the price of the following items please

    -Warrior earring +0,1,2,3
    -Warrior pendant +0,1,2,3
    -Foverin +0,1,2,3
    -Minotaur earring+0,1,2,3
    -Lilimes enticement +0,1,2,3
    -Ring Of Courage +0,1,2,3
    -Iron Necklace +0,1,2,3
    -Iron Belt +0,1,2,3
    -String of Skulls +0,1,2,3

    -Hell Breaker +7/1rev,+8/5rev
    -Iron Impact +8/5rev,+9/11rev
    -All Wirinom +7/1rev, +8/5rev

    -Warrior Krowaz +7/1rev str set
    -Chitin Shield +7/1rev, +8/5rev
    -Dread Shield +7/1rev, +8/5rev
    -Gabs +7/1rev

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated

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    yes id love to know these as well. thinking of coming back to Gordion after 1 year away. please anyone?

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