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    Thumbs up Blank out the first lunar war

    Dear Knight Online Administrators,
    I just want to complain about the wars that you have removed from the game. I have been playing the knight online more then 1 year in Ares. According to my working condition I come late time home and play the game. In the game most of my crew from Latin America, US and Canada. They only have chance to join the first wars and they really enjoy to play in lunar wars however since you removed the war they don't really want to play KO anymore. Multiple clans they have decided to give up playing game after 15 years so that's sounds really sad for me. If I lose my crew there will be no reason for me to stay in the game. I advise to you guys when you want to do updates please not only consider new servers. I hope you guys take notice what ever I have written here.

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