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    ........ bring first war back !!!!

    this is just bull shit how is this right for Americans an Spanish players if this was to happen for Turkish time I bet they would fix the lunar war removal in less then 2 hours goes to say that it would never happen … how is this not racist to foreign players most people spend time with family on Saturdays an cant make the last two wars so the answer is to remove the 1st war which is only one they can make ^^ pfff reason im hearing are clear bs because some people don't defend after they lose an its almost like npt yea okay if anything is like npt is priest anne that respawns every 30 secs … take that garbage out an bring back first war because sadly if you don't bring first wars back you will lose alot of foreign players an this might be your plan which is down right scummy an can only hope im wrong but to take out 1 full war is wrong to other players who have been playing this game since it came out so please go over all u have to an bring back first wars …. for ever SNE DIEZ server pubjoe !!!

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    TO THE GMS Lords:

    We need you to reverse what you have done, we are many Latin American players who are against this absurd decision, I hope you reconsider and return the war, EACH TIME YOU GIVE LESS WINS TO PLAY... It's time to look for a game that does not discriminate against your players

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    I agree, there are many players from outside Turkey. It would be fair to bring the first war back.
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