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Thread: Bug List

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    When gem of experience is used, its name which is on the top right seems as "Gem of Defense". On the other hand, there is no problem with its effect. You may want to fix this visual bug, also.

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    5162 damage when i login everytime

    i sent a ticket but support team said i should repost here

    [IMG] gratis foto website maken[/IMG]
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    Nepilim can't be crafted. Reply is the "wrong material". This bug was found 4 years ago and still cant be solved? Why?

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    Sucks even with posting here after a support ticket said too... I am still stuck allied with a clan I never added to ally... come on NTT, this is ridiculous... TWO YEARS!!!!!!!! Can we get this crap fixed for real!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonsterHide93 View Post

    When the problem with Disconnection and lags will be fix?? do you read the english forum? or are you only interested in Turkey players? all the players from outside Turkey have constant problems sometimes more sometimes less often, but it is frustrating. you take money for premium and you give us a shit. we lose money, exp,items from the event are wasted . if you really want to get rid of players from outside Turkey, give us our money and we will find a better server without problems straight from the 90s

    And all what you do to my ticket is to report problem here.... what the fck????????

    frustrated and pissed off gamer
    More players bring more money, so why should ntt be interested in strangers? There is no old Knight Online world, there is no many foreign players. Actually, we can easily say knight online Turkey right now

    My advice to all of you, you should find a new MMORPG.

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    I wanna report 3 bugs

    1- Border War Defense : sometimes when you enter all people are invisible, you cant target to atack them, and they cant atack you, only can do damage using AoE atacks randomly

    2- Battle Hero Wings: the description says : "3% more damage" but i m a mage, i no see diference in the damage vs monsters or vs players. The Christmas star says "3% more damage to monsters" and it really works. But the battle Hero Wings no

    3- A lot of cheaters are using macro comboing with Logitech gaming mouses(and maybe other gaming mouses too, this mouses you can program combo in the extra bottoms that it have) ... put a patch to find this and ban those cheaters.
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    Wolf's ability is used 2 times . I should only spend one (Reviewed in archer)

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    Archer power shoot ability damage issue.She shoots badly more than 50% of the time.Sometimes not visually complete.Please check

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