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    Exclamation My Character Disconnecting All The Time


    I'm playing at Vega server.

    In my character including bronze premium but when i trying to start game, i start without problem, i can do everything without problem but im disconnecting in ~ 10 minutes immediately. My friend using the same internet, he doesnt have any problems with knight he can stay online like 10 hours. But my pc is making this problem from 10 days. My premium is melting and i cant do anything to fix this. And i tried every chance, like run as adminstrator and run as win 2000 - win xp - win vista etc... Please help me about that i cant play the game

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    Also, i was playing In new servers since when they started. This problem happening from 10 days. I didnt download any program in this time. Pc is same, internet is same, everything is same but this problem happening....

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    try reinstalling the game

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