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    Twisted Moradon – Zombie Event

    Players can register Twisted Moradon from [Apprentice Priest] Johan. Total 100 players can participate in event and event is first come first server. Twisted Moradon starts at same time with Knight Royale.

    [Apprentice Priest] Johan

    Twisted Moradon – Zombie Event Detail

    Players will be divided into 2 teams: Knights and Drakis. Knights goal is to collect Essence of Rift and destroy the Rift which spawns randomly
    • Knights: Players who have not contaminated until the end of event
    • Drakis (Monster): Players who got contaminated at the end of the event
    • Players can obtain [Essence of Rift] from killing throughout the map. Item will be automatically looted to players’ inventory.

    Condition to Win
    - Knights: Destroy in 15 min
    - Drakis: Protect for 15 min

    Winning Rewards
    • Knights: 1 x [5 x Contaminated Holy Water]. 1x [Full Moon Emblem] (1 Day)
    • Drakis: 1 x [1 x Contaminated Holy Water]. 1x [Full Moon Emblem] (1 Day)
    • Player who destroyed the will also receive one of materials for crafting [Draki’s Amulet]
    • For new Servers who destroyed the will receive 15 Days Red Alencia Wing.
    • Reward are subject to be changed

    Event Emblem Properties;

    Only can be destroyed by [Essence of Rift] which drops from killing

    Twisted Moradon Stalker; Monster that follows knights. Players cannot target the monster nor kill the monster.

    Contaminated Resident; Drops [Contaminated Holy Water]

    Wandering Spectre; Drops [Essence of Rift] which can be used to destroy the

    1. All users will have same HP and stats.
    2. All users will automatically receive 2 x [Holy Water Ball] when enter.
    ※ Players will not receive [Holy Water Ball] if inventory is full
    3. [Holy Water Ball] (single target), [Holy Water Bomb] (massive), and [Essence of Rift] are only items that are allowed in Twisted Moradon.
    4. Players can obtain [Holy Water Ball] by following methods;
    - Purchase from NPC [Apprentice Priest] Constantin for 1 million Noah (Max Qty. 4)
    - Drops from the monsters in Twisted Moradon
    5. Using 4 x [Holy Water Ball] and 3 million Noah, you can create 1 [Holy Water Bomb] from NPC [Apprentice Priest] Constantin (Max Qty. 2)
    6. Once player is killed by a monster, player will turn in to a monster and the movement speed will be reduced.
    - Player also become monster when killed by Draki users
    - [Twisted Moradon Stalker] cannot be killed
    7. If player turns into a monster, the only way to become Knight again is killing 2 Knights while status of monster.

    ※ Only 100 players can participate in one event
    ※ All the unused [Holy Water Ball] or [Holy Water Bomb] will be deleted at the end of the event
    ※ Players who are at Safe zone when event ends will not receive rewards
    ※ If player stay still for certain period of time (AFK), player get teleported to Moradon
    If inventory is full, player might not receive items. Please have abundant space on your inventory before the joining the event

    Have fun,
    NTT Game | Knight Online Ekibi
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