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    NTTGAME Customer Support Policy after my hack Problem,Looking for justice if there is

    Hello Game developers or Admins

    Firstly I wanna say that welcome to game and forum back again. I was waiting for Offical Forum as like as the all loyal knightonline players. and I know this is not place of this thread but GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORTER OF NTTGAME's kidding me when I sent some ticket !!!

    Maybe my Question can be out of your duty or support but I have to try my chance here cause I cant take any support for my terrible situation. Anyway I hope you can read my thread; My account has been hacked in 27 November 2012 and When I have hacked NTT-Knightonline Servers was in big Maintenance about 57-58 hours already I have saw my account hacked situation after maintenance and I have tried to sent a ticket for my account but Offical WebSite was closed. I have checked the Offical Page everyday after my work finally it has came back 4th DECEMBER 2012 and I sent my ticket. Everything was normal at this time but 28th January 2013 I have received a reply for my ticket and it was talking about ;

    ''Thank you for taking your time to contact Knight Online Support Team.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

    However as we have researched into the matter, we have not noticed any ticket submitted for the said account in 7 days of the claimed hack incident.

    We are sorry to inform you that we are unable to assist you any further with the issue.

    Thank you for your understanding.''

    Yes they're right cause I have sent my hacked ticket 7 days later but it was not my mistake if you check your maintenance schedule you can see it !! I have sent so many ticket after this TERRiBBLE Situation and NTTGAME SUPPORTER just sent me back AUTO REPLY ! Now I just want to ask you that actually I dont want to get any help by you cause I'm in so dissappoint for NTTGAME Customer Supports and Company Policies.

    But just tell me that if your game and OFFiCAL MAiN PAGE was closed when I have hacked and I cant send you a ticket for my problem in 7 days. is that my mistake ? otherwise is that fair ? Just reply me this !! I'm asking this not as a customer. I'm asking this as a human.

    My first ticket number = 921982

    Just check when I sent this ticket and When you re-open your game and Offical Page back. Other details writing in the ticket.

    I have tried my best level to explain this unfair situation. I hope to see a reply from you.

    Thanks as a HUMAN !

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    I see that you are from Turkey, you can send a Turkish ticket.
    I am sorry but unfortunately we are unable to resolve account related issues here.

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