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    About the players that were sent to Dicipline Dungeon - 139

    Hello Knights,

    On the date 20.02.2019, the number of players sent to the dungeon are 49 and the number of players banned 46. These accounts got punished for TPT, Macro and Pedal usage.

    Please make sure that you remove the illegal software on your computer to avoid such cases. We will be recording the data of players who sent to the dungeon and in the case of repetition, their accounts will be blocked permanently.

    Remember, we will continue to punish players who use illegal programs.

    Note: If requested, the directory why you sent to dungeon may be shared by game managers without obligation.

    Are the hardware macros forbidden?

    -Yes, they are. If we find out in-game controls that you are using macro, you will be sent to the dungeon.

    So my hardware caught in the Xigncode scan and that's why I was sent to the dungeon?

    -No, Xigncode do not scan hardware macros. Players who use third party programs are being punished. For example; Capslock, Actool, and other macro software.

    Even if I don't use a macro program, but hardware exists on my computer, can I be sent to the dungeon?

    -No actions are taken on the product software (You can get a penalty if you use it in-game even if it is a hardware program). If a third party program (non-hardware) is on your computer, you had better to remove it. It is possible to get caught by Xigncode in scans or game entries.

    I am innocent and sent to the dungeon. But why?

    - All players sent to dungeon were guilty. We have proof of when these players tried, what kind of programs they used, and when they were caught. In addition, these scans are carried out by examining accounts one by one, not automatically. Thanks to individual review by game operator, our error probability is reduced to 0.

    Thank you,

    NTT Game || Knight Online Team

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    well done, although old servers now are full of macro and pedal players. I think these servers are a little bit neglected by you guys. please do inspect old servers such as (Ares) server.

    Kind Regards,

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    in the name of Honesty and integrity, will forever fight against Cheat and Cheaters. <3

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