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    Is there anyway to get your paypal limit increased...

    I'm from the USA, i would like to buy premium in game but i cant buy enough KC. I normally stream Knight online and would like to start on USKO as well. So if you would please upgrade my account so that i can actually buy premium that would be awesome.


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    I think you need to roll with esn codes, paypal seems to be more off and off on KO in general.

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    If you're having issues downloading the update try to reset your internet connection by unplugging the power for your router and modem for 30 seconds. Then try to update again. If that doesn't work try using a Tutuapp 9apps Showbox different connection like data instead of WiFi.

    If you're having issues loading the game check the forums or other players comments. If many players are experiencing it then it's a server issue they have to fix. Either way just wait some hours then return to the game and it should load fine

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