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    Game update false

    hello after few years i deciced to give a Knight online a chance BUT i founf out mine email and ID and when iam trying to reset my password its saying: Game Update false. So i wanted to create a ticket BUT i cant since i cant log in i cant make a ticket so i created new account and again BUT i cant create a ticket if i didnt purchased Npoints. So there is that and i have to ask here on forum for help can someone give me any advice on this problem? (getting error when resetting password: Game Update False) If so ill be really happy. Thank you

    i can join to website VIA FACEBOOK but i can't join ingame because i dont remember my password

    my ID: xxxx
    email : [email protected]
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    any admin help me?

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    Are you an old warrior from old Edana server? Welcome back!

    Btw, please next time you don't write your account info in public places like forum.

    There a problem with old accounts, some of them was deleted from database after game change publisher from Gamerfirst to Mgame (date: may,2012), as your account it's very old maybe was on these group of deletions and thats why you get message of game update false.

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    how do you overcome this issue?

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