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    Lightbulb Add Sweden to you ICS Service please

    As topic says I can't register my Swedish phone number to your ICS Service so could you please add it. I couldn't sumbit ticket about it cuz I had to add KC to my accout to do so apparently, but I wont spent money unless I know my account will be safe.

    Thanks in advance.

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    While you are at it,
    Add Poland and Estonia as well.


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    ^^^^^^^ yes we wanna start on your new server please support players tooo ^^^^^^

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    Do you think you could help me out with my SMS-Verification? HenkaN told me that Swedish numbers was blocked and he had to submit a ticket to NTT including his cellphone bill to confirm his number so they could it manually.

    But is there any way you could get them to add my number manually u think? cuz I dont have phonebills or anything like that to confirm my cellphone number, I just need to activate it.

    Or will they fix Swedish numbers??? cuz they added other missing countries but not Sweden

    (This is especially conserning SMS-Verification on my account, without that I wont be able to even trade.)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Im also from Sweden and i guess this issue will not be fixed in time for us to be able to join this server on launch.

    I will skip this server but GL to rest of you going there !

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    Still need Sweden to be added......

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    Please add sweden now! I need to merch. Registration for new server(sirius) via the NNTnow app worked well but now i need to verify my account for merchant/trade and ICS thing.

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    Yeah sweden has not been added yet, can we have sweden please!

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    NOW I HAVE issue with NTTNow even after that you guys gonna have big issue again for a NEW SYSTEM they add up for login to new server .right now I have same problem for 4 days somehow it says for Accounts with phone numbers registered outside of Turkey (+90) will need to be manually verified by a GM. This process may take up to 1 day and possibly delay game access.
    Data not I don't know what I have to do .even from Canada not working (

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