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    Daily Discord Giveaways!

    Dear Knights!

    From now on, you'll have a chance to win 400 NPoints on Knight Online Discord channel! Joining raffles are way easier than you could ever imagine.

    -Join our Knight Online Usko Discord channel

    -Check #giveaway channel for future daily raffles

    -And if you see a live raffle, just click on emote mentioned below!

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]P.S:[/COLOR] Raffle hours are random.

    Winners will be selected automatically by raffle bot and game masters will contact with the winners for NPoints injection.

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Note:[/COLOR] You need to be at least 10 level to join raffles. Leveling your discord account is not so hard, just chat some with rest of the users and you'll get your levels.

    Have fun!

    Knight Online Team

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