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    My Item Lost (Trade Hacked)

    I was trading with my brother his character id is "IIReaPerII". I send trade request to my brother IIReaPerII and he accepted, so i put my item (Hell Breaker Rebith +5) to trade slot and i click trade and he clicked trade. Then item gone from my inventory but not went to his inventory. İtem has just lost. There was a guy near us his character name was "treda", and he told me that with pm " i stole your hb +5" how it is possible? I am suspecting about new kind of trade hack. I send trade request to IIReaPeRII but item is lost. Please check this bug or hack and give my item back .This item price is 5.5 gold bar in ares server... I am really sad about that issue.

    Incident date (near) : 27-12-2018 / between 22:00 - 23:00
    Incident place : Doda Camp (El Morad) near sundries.
    Incident Server : Ares

    My Character ID : Khenzo58
    My Brothers Character ID : IIReaPeRII
    Suspicious hacker Character ID: treda

    Sorry for my low grade grammer, i tried my best to explain this problem.

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    You need send ticket to customer support. Nowadays we do not have restoration of items lost. You have to protect your account with ICS OTP and enable settings to avoid thiskind of problems.

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