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    Return to KO imposable

    I have just spent 3 days trying to log into Manes server but can't. I start of as being 20+ in the queue, then watch as all day I move slowly up the queue then get DC and have to start again. Best I've done was get to number 5, this took 15 hours then DC. If I could log in, I'd buy premium. So, has Manes become very popular over the last few months or have NTT Game reduced the number of places available to non-premium players? All I can say is returning players or new players just can't log in, therefore that's money lost buy NTT Game.

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    As far I'm told, Manes is the newest server. You could try to log other servers, buy and apply your EXP prem then log manes and collect the items you recieve from letter.

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