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    Thumbs up (story of knight online) why gm closed my post of contest november

    DaggerFast/Thudor Server: Ares
    I'm not careful if I win or lose the contest but why do you delete the post if I'm not breaking the rules?

    I never thought I would play this game for so many years, at the time a new type of 3D online game knightOnline the battle between karus and elmorad.

    It all started in a cybercafé in Peru, when I saw a world with monsters in three dimensions, I was instantly attracted, the monsters, the environment, the fights of life and death, in that innovative moment I had to create an account and play it.

    After I started my first session I decided to create an assassin with the speed and skill that characterizes me, the data load seemed eternal ... and I immediately start the story.

    In the beginning a wave of people flooded Ares, the first few days connecting was difficult the server was full most of the time.

    With time, from being a beginner to an experienced player, the daggers performing attacks and clumsy combinations, over the years they became fast and perfect arcs of light with every blow that could be envied by any top ranked player.

    My slow but steady progress allowed me to stay in the game, dominating the killer combo, allowed me to realize the openings and times I could take advantage of.

    On the other hand, koxper players altering the game program could avoid these times and alter the range of attacks of each class if I learned something from these players, was that it led to the banned in most cases.

    Other players took advantage of all those openings and actions by minutes using macros to record actions almost impossible for an average or higher player.

    Fights in colony zone were prolonged it was a real challenge to kill these players, unlike the koxper the macro would not be banned and could accumulate valuable objects over time.

    The essence of the game was to fight to win or lose and end up being a litter, but finding players of this type was unusual with the passage of time while the koxper diminished the macro players increased and evolved to pedal players.

    Putting this in retrospect, the increase of +10 objects in the server appeared a few years ago the corruption of the master of the game and the distribution beterr pazar alanı, left their seeds in several servers. The pedal players that were already hard to defeat underwent a metamorphosis ...

    When the babashoper players who would not be banned by using Pedal noticed their claws in their new acquisition, they were like children in a candy store full of sweets; colony was his candy store and the new players their candy, tearing every last one of them and produced an effect in the game.

    After several years I was able to get +10 things buying through moradon sellers that changed unique items or other items for +10 objects, previously it was not easy, it was due to the abandonment of players on the server.

    To a large extent the new players were reduced, everything led me to think that the game was going to end, there the change came to Nttgame, the handling of the support improved, but the change of servers to Istanbul caused a massive lag to the present.

    The great merger of servers came bringing with it new players and objects +10 the seeds of beterr pazar alanı had come together by hacking leveling the game, the old players retired for being hacked and the new ones bought the +10 cheaper objects.

    Currently the koxpers almost do not appear in colony zone, the pedal players are very common the server runs very badly if you do not live in Turkey, if you do not have Premium you can not generate gold bars, and if unfortunately you create an assassin the rollbacks that will give you they will be infinite and you will lose your objectives in colony zone.

    In spite of everything I keep playing until when who knows, I hope things improve ... I invite you to play Knight Online the first years are very ... difficult, if you like complicated games this is your game it takes many years to play it.

    This story is true and not copied from anyone I'm not insulting anyone

    Second check it:
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    Lovely analyze mate. You touched and re examined hard feelings. Thanks.
    It deserves some reward though.

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    This is the family friendly version of the story. For other hand the first year the servers hacked and there were dupers, people called beramus ^^ duperamus ^^. I remember when they ban a Gambit in ares for doing shard + 10. There was a bald gm that injected items for beterr pazar alanı.

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    Your post wasn't removed for content. It was removed because you missed the deadline.

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