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    cannot verify with indonesia number

    i have 2 char in ares server nick sinden and mL, i cannot trade and vending cause the verification need it, please help !!!!!

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    All account issues must be handled through Customer Support by submitting a ticket.
    Herhangi bir sebeple Cheat Reports konuları veya kanıt içerikleri resmi forum, farklı forum sayfaları ve diğer platformlarda ya da 3. kişilerle paylaşılması yasaktır. Bu kurala uymayan forum ve discord hesapları süresiz olarak kapatılır, oyun hesapları GM inisiyatifine göre cezalandırılabilir.

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    Try to send ticket, i think indonesia are not in the listed country code in activation list, so it means you have a chance to grant your request .

    go to > official website>support>submit a Ticket and then you can send your issues to customer support and wait for their action they will ask question and you just answer it that's all XD Goodluck

    Ps: Your request will take a week to grant.

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    A week !?!? Omg my ticket is 4 days old and i though that was long but atleast 1 week u say ?

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