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    sorry for my english because im french , but , about quest reset ... does it mean that the current quest will be deleted? and there will be more in the place? because I have just returned to the game, after a long period of inactivity and suddenly I am doing all the quests, but if I have 3 days it will be complicated .... there will be other way of enjoy the exp without spending hours on the same spot to kill the same mob?
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    Well try to finish as much of quest you didn't done.. because the one you will have done will be reseted.
    For exping you can use exp flash for 10% more exp + exp event. Gem exp.
    Now the game have more then one quests for almost all lvls + bdw, chaos, forgot temple etc...

    Je te dirais finis les quest au plus vite car ceux que tu vas avoir accomplis, seulement ceux-la vont etre reseté.
    Tu peux utilisé des exp flash, gem exp en minant, les events chaque semaine qui sont random sur le %.
    Tu peux joindre les border defense war, forgot temple, chaos, etc.. comme event.
    Aussi il y a presque a tous les lvls des quests. donc plus facile a exp.. mais rendu level 75.. un peu plus dure a exp. les quests sont plus rare.

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