I tried to buy for 20 euro. After 3 days still didnt go through.

Last time I tried with paypal was last year about the same time, had to contact support, had to make 3 attempts untill they let me through, as they said, I was "officially greenlisted" for Paypal purchase.
After that, I hadnt use paypal, but went on kopazar becouse it was easier and faster with those ESN codes. Since january this year, there are problems with paying on kopazar outside Turkey, so I gave up on them.

Now I have the same problem, [COLOR="#FF0000"]BUT I have no 5 npoints[/COLOR] to contact support. (I had 5 npoints but spent them few weeks ago trying to activate anyotp again becouse I hadnt login since arround february, this year).

How to contact support for my Paypal purchase without 5 npoints?
thank you