Hello everyone (Salam aleykum to our Turkish/Muslim community, and hola to our Spanish/Portuguese community)

I have been nominated as the BrendasSaints candidate to run for King this month. Please get behind me and vote an English speaking King (and in my case Queen!) and help our English speaking community to feel welcomed, appreciated and involved in Ares.

I have been playing KO since 2006, starting on MYKO and moving to USKO when MYKO shut down.

I was sheriff back in the days of yore, prior to Nttgame taking over management. That was on my buffer, JaiDee

Some of you may know me better as a mage, AtomicJD, since 2009.

Currently, I am more visible on my debuffer, AtomicJaiDee - current nominee. You will find me at the first war of each war day every week, and sometimes, you will even see my name appear in command chat as I shout orders to our minions on the battlefield.

I am an active player, and likeable person - not too many complain that I bite too hard!

I will do my best to represent you all, and address any issues or concerns you have ingame. Even if it's just a chat with someone speaking a language you understand.

So, please remember my name, AtomicJaiDee, and vote #1 for me in this election.

Keeping the spirit of comraderie alive