Hi everone,

I just got Dc Premium but how i notice it is useless cuz of the illegal tool users.

At Delos you cant farm cuz of Macro user. ( just one guild owns delos )
At Lonar there are Pedal user much more Rouge chars.
At Lonar treants are kosp user.

Is there a any GM ? problly not. Since 4 days i not even notice that someone got banned for using illegal programs.

So where is the point to get Dc premium ? or War premium ? Since there is not a fare game play. Now some moderator gonna tell me take video and report. But sorry GMs schould care on fair game play not players. We are paying for get fun not for running around and taking videos.

Everone who plays on Ares know which users i mean. Who use all the time Pedal, makro, kosp....(3 illegal program at one game) ????

I use to play since long time. but sorry it piss me off when i pay for something and cant get the service really for it.

Im not gonna pay ever again for this game.