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    Ultima Necklace. Make this item great.

    I have played this game since 2006 and the concept of Ultima was always interesting, a boss that was locked away in the bifrost and was more difficult then any boss in the game. Why in all these years has his item not been made into something great, is it to difficult to code the item?

    Can a moderator comment on if the development team ever plans on doing something with this item?

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    I like ultima neckleace but sealed power is really sad, because we need items like this for that the game run again with adventures. Killing felankor in bowl is actually bored.

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    I do agree to your point, for an item dropping from the strongest boss of the game, it's like a joke to the players. "Congrats! You managed to kill the strongest boss of the game! Here is your reward, a necklace that gives you... nothing! Enjoy "

    I remember them making some sort of "Trade it in" event for it long ago. A GM just logged into the servers, spawned a NPC, or traded people an iron neck for ultima neck.

    It was back when Iron neck was like 19~21gb in most servers,when it was a top tier value item that is used in big item trades etc. so that made the value of ultima neck skyrocket(since people hoped it would happen again, they sold it for crazy prices, and people bought it, with the same hopes). But it never happened again, and the aftermath of that 'event' was a big damage to the servers' trading prices. Iron neck prices dropped by few GBs, many people (including myself) who make money from buying and selling iron necks suddenly lost so much gold.

    The reason I'm mentioning it is, I doubt they can change that necklace to something strong all of a sudden and go "The power of the ultima neck is unsealed! go pwn people with it now!"
    I'd say they can make an event like that one again. But they need to figure out a prize that wouldn't hurt the trading prices and make so many people lose gold.
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