We are currently seeking out any and all who can understand and speak English. don't have to speak it fluently, just enough to understand pk / wars. we would really love to have lvls 82+ as Ares server is really over populated with 83's XD just sayin. none the less, we would love to have you on HUMAN SIDE!!!!!
Requirements -
Use TS3 Team Speak 3 (we are undecidied to use discord at this time but may change later)
Whatsapp - best way for fast communication. (currently looking into discord for phone but not really sure yet)
Come first wars - would be greatly appreciated

Remember its a game, have fun, take pride into awesome pk parties and war parties. Really need some good priests none the less any toon will do

Message me in game

Assistants - 8kuzey8 / SirKabia