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    Stronghold Siege War Test and Reporting Bugs

    Dear Knights,

    Stronghold Siege War patch will be included in client on August 2, 02:00 CET. We will make the Stronghold Siege war tests with you and test server will appear on server list after maintenance.

    Premium members(except Bronze) can log in clan server and create their character and clans. Also they can rent the items that they want to use during SSW from Merchant NPC .

    15 Days Lunar Tattoo will be sent to clan members who attend Stronghold Siege War Test.

    You can post screenshots/captured videos of the problems that you may encounter during SSW under this topic. Players who make highest contribution about SSW will be selected by GM Team based on test results and will be rewarded with NPoints.

    Do not miss the chance to test New SSW and earn Npoints.

    You can find more details about SSW by clicking here; Stronghold Siege War

    To post your thoughts about Stronghold Siege War, click here; Stronghold Siege War - Feedbacks

    NOTE: Non related posts will be removed.

    NTT Game || Knight Online Team

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    New event knight online ssw

    Hello friends of the English Forum

    I`m reporting bugs in event first registration:

    -Any clans above Elite Knightage (Accredited Knights) Grade 5 can register and registration fee is 10,000,000 Noah.

    The sign asks for 100 million and charges 1 million.

    Here the full video:

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    Second point, if you are alone you can not kill an enemy tower alone:

    Kurian can kill alone a enemy tower alone: I was exploring and I found a kurian killing only the enemy tower

    I killed the kurian with my mage and take the video with hp tower close 50% hp. Maybe dragons can attack it and kill check the dragon summon. I cant check dragons because I am lvl 80 in server test.

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    3rd point, the skills of the kurian are working finished the event both the poison and the regenerations.

    Thanks for the event is entertaining, enjoy doing the test

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    They removed the sticked. when they are going to announce to Players who make the highest contribution about SSW

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