Hello Knights!
I'm coming back from the shadows to keep you all informed about the current issues we've been experiencing with server instabilities, disconnections, unable to log in, random DCs, etc.

It seems that our services are experiencing some Data Center issues that our technical staff is monitoring and looking to correct as soon as possible.
Our technical team is tinkering in the back end trying to fix the constant server outages but it seems that they're encountering assorted anomalies that appear as soon they fix one of them. Due to this, we've been experiencing quite the instability over the past few days.

We are aware that you are not only wasting your time, but also your valuable Premium items.
Rest assured, our team is definitely planning a compensation plan, but we need to make sure the issue is mitigated completely prior to making any actions.

We kindly ask for your support and cooperation, we thank you very much for sticking with us throughout this incident.

Best Regards,
Lord Kurian