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    does this player respect the rules of conduct in Knight Online?

    Hi all.
    I was merchanting, when suddently this player write me in pm. At starting I through he were an Italian guy ( for this I answered "cu cazzu si", italian of "who are you").
    but after I understood that I dont know who he is, I dont know what he wanted, I just know he started to insult me without any sense and reason.
    Ignoring the speech about insulting a person calling him "g4y", that means not only he is disrespectful to me, but also to who is really homosexual, considering a gay as an insult and proving he is not a suitable player for our knight online community.
    After telling him " see ya" I quitted to answer him, but he continued insulting me in another language, I think in croatian language, I dont trust so much in google translaitor but for what this translaitor can do, he continued to insult me and my family in his linguage
    Here you have screenshots of our short conversation.
    I leave the comments to you
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    You should make such complaints through the Cheat Reports section.

    ~~ Access To Cheat Reports ~~

    - From the link to the CR section;

    Click Here To Go To Cheat Reports!


    Via Forum homepage:

    Knight online world > English community > General > Cheat reports.

    ~~ How Do I Report It? ~~

    When opening a topic in cr, please try to open it in accordance with the format shown in the picture below.

    ~~ Important Notes ~~

    - Topics opened in the cheat Reports section are only seen by the owner and the authorities,
    - Cr official takes the report sent after checking the transaction queue or a situation that prevents the report from being processed, missing etc. if there are any necessary grades fall and lock the subject.
    - Sending the same report to the CR section in a row does not cause the process to speed up, but rather slows down. So you should avoid multiple reports.
    -KSC in the sent reports-do not play on images or videos . Otherwise your report will not be processed.
    - The evidence attached to the report must be of the nature of the crimes committed directly. The CR Department official may ask you to submit a report with clearer evidence and not process the report when it is in a dilemma.
    - In the videos you add to the report, the video quality must be at least 720p and above. This is necessary to ensure that the names of the characters in the video and their illegality can be identified more clearly by the authorities.
    - The server name should be visible on the upper right side of the Kscs added to the report.
    - The date information should be visible in the lower - right corner of the Kscs added to the report. You can use the "-" button 2 times to display the date information, or you can use the PrintScreen button to display the screen image.
    - In addition to the account closure penalty, prison or various sanctions can be applied to the reported reports.

    ~~ What You Need To Know ~~

    - Cheat report are special shares seen by the person who opened the topics and the authorized team .
    For any reason, cheat report threads are official forum, different Forum pages or 3. sharing with people is forbidden. Accounts that do not comply with this rule will be punished in accordance with the GM initiative.
    - Subjects are moved to the archive every night around 23:00 (TR - GMT+3). Only the authorities can view the archive section, so please check your report before you performed the move operation to the archive.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


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    This guy sends a pm to everybody.You killed her or you did not kill her.Allways pm

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