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    Angry Banned For unknown reason


    I have never used an illegal program in whole my life. But somehow my account get banned. Sometimes i am going to a cafe to play knight online with another computer. When i checked the cafe's computer. I saw that there is an illegal program which the reason of the banned.
    I have no proof using koxp. Also i have no proof not using koxp.

    However, i have too many valuable item including DC Premium and so many PUS items. I am not that stupid to use koxp with that items. I have already sent a ticket to the CR. They told me there is nothing we can do. But who can? I am spending too much time with that game. The account was very important for me.

    I have never faced a problem like that. I am sorry to see like i am playing the victim but unfortunately i am. Please someone help me, I comply with going to the jail but now get banned forever.
    My nick: OcaktakiY3mek
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    My suggestion if ticket still open, you can request IP check.

    Unfortunately here at forum we cannot manage account issues. Good luck!

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