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    Warrior genie bug

    Hello guys
    i`m going to try to explain this as easy as possible so please bear with me
    when a warrior is in a party of 2 or more and activates the genie system everything works fine....
    but if the warrior is not in a party and activates the genie his attacks are mostly with "R"
    lets say out of 10 hits, 9 are "R" and only 1 is a main attack skill you have your warrior hitting the target with "R" for 5 seconds or more and then 1 main skill.
    that`s why you cannot leave your warrior exping by itself.
    any body else had this problem ?

    thank you for your time

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    check the genie setting and make sure support tab is on, even if you don't have any skills in it.

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    it is on ..i double checked everything ...all settings seem to be ok ......tried it again today and the only way that the genie works is when u have 2 or more in your party

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    ok you are right, I just did a test and it has the bug as you described. If you fill up the 4 attack skill slots that helps alleviate the problem but
    it still exists.

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