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    Here are some things you can try:

    1) Run a virus and a malware scan on your windows 7 machine
    2) Uninstall knight online, then do the following:
    - run a disk defrag on your hard disk(s). You can use the Windows 7 disk defrag utiility, I personally use the free one provided by auslogics, it's faster and does a better job.
    - After the disk defrag has completed, reboot and reinstall knight online

    3) Goto the windows system event logs and look for any errors that may have been logged while starting knight online. Report errors if you see any....

    4) Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date

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    Miles64 : try to uninstall your anti-virus to test if it works if not you can restore your windows to an other date.

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    thanx elite tried all those suggestions

    uninstalled KO

    malwarebytes found nothing

    defragged ok

    all windows updates are up to date

    all drivers (including graphic drivers) are up to date

    reinstalled KO

    back to same problem - just hangs on launcher - can't select start, homepage or options

    selecting options.exe in the NTTGame folder and clicking contents of the update 2096 to apply the values to the registry does nothing

    No errors have been logged in the windows system log
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    Ok all,

    I have uninstalled every update on the laptop from just before the date of having the problem. And I mean EVERY UPDATE... I restarted my laptop and went to the Options as shown above, set a random update 2100, clicked use this and then save and start.. I didnt get the updates to work cause the server went down, but I can click on the Home page and Option tabs on the bottom. That in itself is a HUGE step since I could before. So once the server is back up, lets see what happens. Either way, Thank you all for the support and listing to me rant on. KO family is a good one. =)

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    Hai Bro.. i had same problem.. unistaled knight,antivirus.. and so many things but none help.. it happen me to after one update.. same problem!!

    how i am playing now ?

    Can you try again by setting your DNS settings to “ -"

    this is way.. good way.. way for play again!

    Try it.. and let me know if you can play again <3

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    Don't know how to set them, but when server is in Maintenance, I can use the Option and Homepage buttons on the bottom. doesn't make any sense... Still cant log in to game when sever is up. I have done everything but set the PC back to factory settings. Too much stuff on here to do that. Any more suggestions? How do you set the DNS stuff? I am up for anything at this point.... And again, thank you all for the support.


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    Follow next paths for each kind of connection you have (in example: local connection, wireless connection, etc).

    Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and sharing center > Change adapter settings: right click your connection name and select properties.
    Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > Properties > Select from box below: Use the following dns address, and configure as:
    Preferred dns server:
    Alternate dns server:
    tick box > Validate settings upon exit and press ok, close pop up windows and restart your browser.

    Clear internet history, disable antivirus for a bit, run launcher as administrator.

    *You can try with other fast dns too.

    Hope it helps.

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