Hello guys,
My name is Alexander, 26 years old from Sweden.

Me and 3 of my irl friends playing on Olympia server now, we have a English speaking clan but we have members from all over the world.

We are a group with totally different life situations.. Work, Study, Parents etc. But we have so much fun together.
We also have alot of different timezones so you are never alone in our clan.

We have all different levels on our items and we accept all players.

Just wanna make sure there is no1 out there sitting alone and might have problems to communicate with your clan because of language issues.
If you would like to have fun, wich is the most important you should definetly give me a PM online. (lGetOwnedl)
We only have 1 rule, In clan chat/alliance chat we only speak English so all can understand.

For more information online please pm:
lGetOwnedl (L)

Feel free to PM ingame our type in this topic.

Best regards