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    OTP ISSUE. No Idea what to do now :(

    I was in game doing Exp in pt at esl., suddenly Dced, when i tried to log in again .., after putting my ID & Pswrd it prompt me for OTP passord my OTP generates 6 digits as usual but when i tried to submit the generated password it only takes 5 digits. , even i tried to copy to clipboard and then ctrl+V it only takes only 5 digits and showing error, " You have entered the Wrong OTP password. Please enter the correct OTP password."
    What should i do now. Plz i need guidance .

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    Easy, just hit the backspace key and input next OTP code. Btw Login at ICS OTP website and cehck your otp is not blocked (it is if have a red circle) > My ICS > reset AnyOTP device.

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