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Thread: jail

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    Hi it’s me again,

    You deleted my last reply about this subject. I guess you did it cause I wrote it Turkish. Anyway doesn’t matter. I wrote it as Turkish because, I think you dont interesting with English forum very well, unfortunately. We are in 2018 but I saw posts from 2016 in this forum. So I thought maybe NTT Game haven’t any GM for interest with non-Turk people in here or maybe their English knowledge is not enough for help to them. So I wrote it as Turkish, but you deleted this reply. Whatever…

    I’m playing this game since 2009. Vintersol1 is more more older than me. She never uses pedal, koxp or another cheat programs. She joins to BDW, FT and Lunar War. And after she sits near to Kaishan NPC at Moradon. She is totaly legit and innocent player. She is more innocent even from you!

    She got this problem cause of your faulty last patch. All people got some problems atfer this patch. Someones got XIGNCODE problems, someones found themselves in prisons. And you know, players couldn’t enter to UTC.

    When NTT Game came, you interested with non-Turk players lesser. You can see, how many non-Turk players stopped play KO after you came here. They got hacks, they got robbed, they got problems. And you couldn’t help them enough. Than they left from KO.

    I’m really tired to lose these good old friends cause of your wrongs. I’m really angry to see people lost their chars cause of incappable manager’s faults.

    This is a big wrong and it must stop. I believe people shouldn’t be punished cause of this faults.

    I can discuss with you as Türkçe, English, Español, Français, Português, Polski, Srpski, or whatever you want. I can discuss with you even on Elven until this subject reach to solution. And I will write, will discuss, will talk until you help to Natty…

    SirVoldemort / Ares
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    well said my friend i was also put in jail for nothing i bought stick too get out when i was in jail i had opend my players list and i have saw alot players coming in jail like natty(sweety) for me i made ticket for what reason i put in jail first answer was i use pedal and ticket closed then made other ticket and ask why ko answer me by question what kind of mouse and keyboard i use i give ansers that last answer i get was sorry we jailed you u get 7 free premium
    but i want my spended kc back and get all wrong players out jail

    cyton123/ares server

    p.s and you what u saying is true dont dont care any other speaking then turkisch see the notice evry time in chat its in turkisch

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    I am sure she is 100% legit player i hope she will get help soon as possible

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    We have equal care for each and every player of our game and we try to help equally to every one of them as much as we can. All of our employees in our Turkish office does know English and check the English Community of our forums often but sadly there is nothing we can do to help you on the forums in your case. For the problems like yours, you need to send a ticket to our support team and wait for their response for the case. We can't provide support for account issues like yours on the forums.

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    Eryudes, player sent ticket > vintersol1 / Ares : ticket AEQ-919-86463

    ... Life is always like a game, anything could happen. Learn play fair!

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