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    Rebirth Event and Felankor in Manes and Olympia

    Hail Knights,

    Rebirth System and Rebirth Events are available in Manes and Olympia servers. We will share the details of them below.

    What is the Rebirth System?

    Level 83 characters that have achieved 100% experience points are eligible for rebirth.

    How is my character reincarnated?

    1. Visit [Tarot Reader] Mackin in Moradon Castle and he will provide the three necessary credentials.
    2. When you have completed the 3 missions and provided all credentials, you will receive the Qualification of Rebirth.
    3. Deliver the Qualification of Rebirth to [Tarot Reader] Mackin and reincarnation will occur after points are distributed.

    The following credentials will need to be provided in order to complete the Rebirth process...

    1st Credential. - Proof of Experience - Prove that you have the highest level of experience by showing you have 100% EXP at Level 83.
    2nd Credential. - Proof of Goods - Prove your wealth by providing 100,000,000 Noah.
    3rd Credential. - Proof of Fame - Prove your national contribution by providing 10,000 Points.

    After the Rebirth process is complete the character's level 83 is kept, but EXP is initialized at 0%. The Rebirth symbol will appear above the character's name.

    It is possible to redo all quests and missions with the exception of Bilbor's Gift, Attempt To Rescue, transfers, skill and new companion quests.

    Rebirth Event System

    Would you like to get prizes during the gruelling Rebirth Process? If your answer is yes,
    we have an excellent event for you, Rebirth Event!

    During the Rebirth Event which started on 16th Feb. and will be last for 8 weeks,
    you will able to get the prizes below at every rebirth level you complete;

    Rebirth Level 1: x1 Genie Pack + Genie Hammer
    Rebirth Level 2: Minerva Package
    Rebirth Level 3: BlueAlencia Wings (15 Days)
    Rebirth Level 4: Oreads Voucher (30 Days) + Magic Bag
    Rebirth Level 5: A New Emblem (30 Days)
    'Special Title with a new symbolappeas above the character's name'

    You can get the event awards from [Fortune Teller] Mekin.

    Felankor in Manes and Olympia Servers

    The most lethal monster in Knight Online, Felankor appeared in Manes and Olympia servers! Compete with this evil!

    Rebirth event will be ended on January 4, 2018.

    NTTGame | Knight Online Team

    NTTGame || Knight Online Team
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