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    I really miss this game

    I hope the mods are reading this as well as you all. I have played this game as far back as when 000000 was playing (he killed me of course) Back in 2014 I repeatedly asked the mods to help me because I was hacked. And seriously it was noob stuff to play Ardream with. I loved to play in Ardream a 50+ year old woman pking on P4R4SITE priest lol go figure. I asked the mods to call me, I have spent years and money just to get the low level stuff I had and only one even gave me the time of day and yet I still have no items. Here it is 2017 and I get on my account after years off and now one of my characters has a different name and even my +9 paper armor was gone. I gave them my phone number and asked to call me to verify, no one cared
    They did not look into my account but immediately closed my ticket. I have a new laptop and really don't want to delete the game again because I'm so afraid to put all that time and money back in and get hacked again. Has anyone EVER got any help with this or do they really not care as I have heard by my clannies who also had to quit from hack. LaFamilia is a straight up honest clan, and long term players. Is their anything or anyone that can go back to my tickets and look into this? All I'm asking for was the same noob items that were hacked from me
    Oh and I can't even submit ticket for my character that has a different name ugh!

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    They will never reimburse you for lost items due to being hacked in my experience. However, they do have a new service called OTP that protects your account against hacking.

    Come back to the game! Although the amount of english speaking players is small the game is still fun IMO.

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    I played the game back then as well, figured my account was safe, came back to play 5 or 6 years later and my account was deleted. lol what kind of xxxx is that. everything I had worked for for years and years was just gone. wrote a ticket they said they did a clean up of all inactive accounts.
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    Many accounts that not login after game transition of year 2012 were deleted from our database.

    ... Life is always like a game, anything could happen. Learn play fair!

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    Well you if you do decide to come back let me know how the game is lol cause I also played about 8 years ago and just remembered how much I missed this game haha

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