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    Hello from returning player

    Hi everyone, returning player from America so east coast time zone. As many played KO for years and loved the game just not the hackers. My friend( a girl from Sweden) want to start back up. Totally lost and could use some guidance. Any english speaking clans in Gordion( I think it is called) have some time and patience to help.

    Well thanks for reading and have fun Ravesslycutter

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    Hello. Gordion server have english clan both sides, you can check server recruitment section. I can suggest you: for Elmorad side GuardiansoftheAbyss and Marc clans, for Karus side BadFamily and Torment.

    My clan (FENIX) have english speakers but our people is not so much active lately. Btw, Diez server have active english clan for elmorad too.

    Good luck and Welcome back

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