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    My Dear Friend Jaro,

    I wasnt here for a such a long time and just wanted to check if everything is okay with the community which we have created today but a suprise has came up for me about you.

    I remembered the moments that we had a chance to meet on forum and in real life..You know already the rest of story

    You have been a good man and faithful friend for me and your community members & colleagues here.

    The color of names are not important in real life, the power inside of your BIG hearth and your friends&family are everything that you have. Look at my name.. It's already been discoloured Matter of time.

    I wish you good luck in your future life with your family and no need to say that uncle Tamer will always be with you and willing to be in your life.

    Take good care and be happy..

    Of course do not dare to forget the migty pala

    Aeternum Vale

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