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    Hello Knight Online Managers Come on in!

    Hello Knight Online Managers

    I want to give you some advice.Please remove the Turkish game masters from the game.This game was very beautiful in the past.But Turkish game masters are acting like children.What they do is show in live broadcasts and in-game talk.Please note that Turkish gms must be removed immediately from this vote.I'm sorry my english is a little bad.Respects.

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    Here is English forum and you need to explain yourself using that language. If you are Turkish player then please use the Turkish forums.
    Cheat Report konuları açan kişi ve yetkili ekip tarafından görülmekte olan özel paylaşımlardır. Herhangi bir sebeple Cheat Report konuları resmi forum, farklı forum sayfaları ya da 3. kişilerle paylaşılması yasaktır. Bu kurala uymayan hesaplar GM inisiyatifine göre cezalandırılacaktır.

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