I won't go far..
From now 5 years ago,
-Almost all posters in Internet cafes, Knight Online,
-People who played Knight online, eyes and was meaningless,
-Get on the waiting list
-Unquenchable leaves
-Brother and sister fight
-Write without getting bored, but let's get back to work.

What is the cause of this collapse?

-Late intervention illegal.

-The game spread quickly dupe items.

-Items become worthless as a result of this.

-Enough in-game activity and don'ts

-In addition to the rise of other games like Knight Online progress in standard setting.

-Advertise the game.

-Don' t tbl fix? Why!

-Felankor' s lose value.

Well, the dark and the light ?

What can be done?

-Immediately tbl fix

-Dupe items in the game still need to be deleted.

-Genie should be removed.

-There should be the graphics of the game.

-Andream and base regions will animate the steps that should be taken.

-Game masters in war zones as well as to reward active players for the game on gift.

-The hours of Bifrost must be changed.

-5 for merchant cash system:In humans, a preliminary judgment is, you succumbed to multi accounts in this way.

-Without advertising I would like to underline.

Hopefully you will hear my voice!

Good Day..